Bail Reform Claims Life

PUBLISHED: 6:58 PM 15 Jan 2020

‘Bail Reform’ Claims First Life: Serial Criminal Kills Young Man 11-Days After Release

It did not take long for someone’s needless death, which would have been averted if a low-life had just been kept behind bars.

In less than a month, already someone is dead because of the new 'reforms.' (Source: CBS NY YouTube Screenshot)

Many people didn’t think it would take long before an innocent person was killed thanks to progressive legislation in New York that sends repeat offenders and other hardened criminals back onto the streets without bail.

Tragically, they were correct.

Jordon Randolph, a 40-year-old man with a rap sheet that reads like a criminal ‘how-to,’ was released without bail on Monday, after being charged with a DWI that claimed the life of 27-year-old, Jonathan Armand Flores-Maldonado

The Daily Wire reported:

Randolph, who has a history of drunk driving, was arrested and released without bail on January 1 — 11 days before Flores-Maldonado was killed — for not having a court-ordered ignition interlock device in his car, reported News 12 Long Island.

“The prosecutor told the judge during the arraignment that he would’ve asked for a substantial amount of bail if the incident happened before Jan. 1,” the outlet noted.

When the prosecutor requested a monitoring ankle bracelet, he was shot down by the judge, again, because of the Democrats’ new bail reform legislation:

“The prosecutor then requested that an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet be put on Randolph. The judge denied the request, saying the new law does not allow him to issue the monitoring device either.”

Per News 12 Long Island, here’s a list of Randolph’s prior convictions:

  • Third-degree attempted robbery in 1997, a felony
  • Endangering the welfare of a child in 1998, a misdemeanor
  • Second-degree assault in 1998, a felony
  • Second-degree assault in 1998, a felony
  • Third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance in 2002, a felony
  • DWI in 2011, a misdemeanor
  • Seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance in 2013, a misdemeanor
  • DWI in 2016, an E felony
  • Third-degree possession of a forged instrument in 2016, a misdemeanor
  • Criminal contempt in 2017, a misdemeanor
  • Seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance in 2017, a misdemeanor
  • DWI in 2018, a D felony

“We walked in here thinking we were gonna get some justice for Jonathan today, and we didn’t get that. And now we have someone who, unfortunately, is walking freely right now,” said the victim’s cousin, Carolyn Buiernheimer.

“It’s infuriating when a hardworking person who works to build a positive life and could be a contribution to our community is taken away. In return, we have repeating offenders who walk freely, leaving destruction in their path,” she continued.

Flores-Maldonado was pursuing a career in medicine; he was driving an Uber for extra money when he was struck and killed by Randolph.

“I just want everyone to know in our community that’s what we’re working with right now,” said Buiernheimer, noting that the victim’s family believes Randolph “may very well drink and drive again.”

“Because the way the law is now, this is a non-qualifying offense under the new statute; non-qualifying offense means you can’t hold him on monetary bail,” explained Peter H. Mayer IV, Randolph’s attorney.


Every New Yorker should be infuriated by this preventable tragedy. It only took 12 days for someone to get killed by someone released because of this botched bail law. How many days until @NYGovCuomo, @CarlHeastie and @AndreaSCousins fix it?

— Nicole Malliotakis (@NMalliotakis) January 14, 2020

This is not the first time these ‘low-risk’ criminals have been released. Since the beginning of the year, homeless assaulters, drug addicts and other scum bags have been sent right back out to commit more crimes, thanks to liberal politicians.