Babysitter On Acid

PUBLISHED: 8:25 PM 12 Apr 2018

Babysitter On Drugs Refuses To Leave Home, Tries To Steal Children’s Toys

When they got her to the hospital they discovered she had stolen the father’s wedding ring as well.

Why would anyone chose to take Lysergic acid diethylamide when babysitting someone's child?

According to the Miami Herald, Gainesville, Florida woman, Lorena Margarita Montealegre, chose to drop acid (LSD) while babysitting and wound up trying to steal “toys and a $300 wedding ring from the house.

The Alachua County Sheriff’s Office found that she “was under the influence of the psychedelic drug while babysitting a child at about 8 p.m. Monday,” according to the Independent Florida Alligator.

Perhaps the drug use was simply the excuse given for the attempted thievery that accompanied it, that is not known.

What has been established is that the father requested for Montealegre to leave when saw her acting rather strangely.

Oddly enough, the babysitter refused to comply, so the father called the police. When they showed up, the lady had “grabbed a handful of the child’s toys” and refused to listen to anyone who ordered her to do anything.

She would not let go of the toys and tried kicking two officers as they attempted to retrieve them from her. When she was taken to the hospital, the father’s wedding ring was also found on her person.

This ‘trip’ did not end well for Montealegre at all. She has been “charged with two counts of battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence, burglary of a dwelling, and grand theft.” On top of that, her bond sits at $55,000!

Drug use can be a very dangerous thing. For those who take the risk, the desire for substance abuse at truly inappropriate times can be a constant temptation.

When that happens, the outcome can be dangerous for the user and, in this case, it could have put a child at risk.

Officers were tied up on the taxpayer’s dime dealing with her violent antics, too. So, now this Florida babysitter is going to understand just how horrible her actions really were as she sits in jail, trying to come up with $55,000.