PUBLISHED: 8:53 PM 24 Feb 2017

AZ Senate Passes Bill To End Paid Defiance, Allowing Police To Now Seize Assets Of Rioting Liberals

Arizona Protesters Arrested

This New Bill Passed Is Going To Ensure That The Rioting Stops

In the past month, the citizens of the United States have seen a plethora of violent protests from Democrats all across the country. While peacefully protesting is okay, these particular protests have evolved to the point of riots. Starting on Inauguration Day, over 200 rioters were arrested and later charged with felony rioting. However the protesting didn’t stop there; it only became worse.

A mere two weeks later, conservative writer Milo Yiannopoulos had his speech shut down on the campus of UC Berkeley because far left protesters decided to riot. Despite the fact that they were shutting down free speech, the far-left considered it a victory.

However, that “victory” ended up costing a lot of money. Thanks to the actions of the rioters, the campus saw over $100,000 in damages done, all because they couldn’t stand to hear someone with a different opinion speak.

In addition to those financial losses, there were several conservative protesters targeted by these far-left rioters. As a result of being targeted, they were knocked out and even beaten on the campus. Now that all these riots have occurred, it has forced state legislations to take action.

On Wednesday, Republican state senators located in Arizona passed a bill that would allow the police to seize assets from those far-left protesters that decide to become violent and burn the areas they are in to the ground.

Berkeley Students Start Street Fires In Protest Of Conservative Speaker

This Was The Scene At UC Berkeley When Milo’s Speaking Event Was Shut Down

It will be hard to continue to protest if the rioters have their assets taken from them by the police. Unfortunately this is going to be met with fierce disapproval from the Democrats, as they are going to try and do everything they can to get this bill destroyed.

Knowing how they operate, the Democrats are going to try and claim that this bill will take away their ability to protest. That was how the AZ Capitol Times reported the situation, as they took a very far left approach to the situation.

One of their first paragraphs states that the reason that Republican state senators chose to do this is because they said that people are being paid to riot. That is a fact however, as we saw numerous craigslist ads posted during the election calling for people to get paid just by protesting.


These Types Of Advertisements Were Everywhere During The Election Season

The AZ Capitol Times also said that the police have the ability to arrest anyone in a protest that might make the situation worse. The way they phrased it was that it was a bad idea because it gives the police the power to do something before anything actually happens.

The point is that the police want to stop things before they get out of control. If the Democrats want to peacefully protest, that is well within their rights. However if they start to transition it to a full riot, then something needs to be done before the situation gets out of control. Considering how many protests that turned violent thanks to these protesters, it’s about time that this bill was introduced and passed.

SB1142 is the bill that gives the police the ability to do so. What it does is broaden the state’s racketeering laws, which are now including rioting after previously being aimed at organized crime. The law also redefines what rioting is, stretching it to include actions that result in damage to other people’s property.

At the heart of the bill is the part that the Democrats do not agree with. It’s a guilt by association clause allowing the government to criminally prosecute and seize assets of everyone that planned a protest, as well as everyone that participated in the act.

Democrats can be against it all they want, but the fact of the matter remains that there are people out there being paid by globalists like George Soros to riot and cause as much destruction as possible. What this bill is going to do is make people think twice about wanting to protest and escalate it to the point of a riot.


It’s Been Shown That Soros Is Paying These Protesters

They are more than willing to do this as well, as evidenced by the cases mentioned above. Democrats that are complaining about this being against their freedoms to peacefully protest are either blind or ignoring the fact that these protesters are causing significant damage.

Again, that UC Berkeley incident saw several conservative people in attendance knocked out and beaten while on the campus. That isn’t peaceful in the slightest. The solution is simple. If Democrats don’t want to have their assets seized by police, then they shouldn’t be going out and rioting. Why is that so hard to understand?

It’s becoming an increasing trend for states to create new legislation aimed at stopping these violent protests. Roughly a week after the election, where the news was filled with violent protests every night, a new law was created that would charge protesters with economic terrorism. This would also carry a significant prison sentence and a hefty fine. It’s what needed to be done, considering if left unchecked these protesters are going to cause even more violence and destruction.

Please share this article with everyone that you can. They need to be made aware of what the Arizona Senate is doing. Once this new bill becomes a law in Arizona, then other states can follow suit and soon enough the entire country will have laws that will stop people from rioting. Democrats can complain all they want, but they have nobody to blame but themselves.