AZ Official Runs Away

PUBLISHED: 4:49 PM 7 May 2021

AZ Secretary of State Literally Runs Away From Questions About Election Rig

Why don’t they want transparency?

Coward, cheating, liars. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Protecting and hiding the facts that the 2020 election was rigged is paramount to democrats… so much so that they run away from legitimate questions.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Earlier this afternoon The Gateway Pundit reporter confronted far left Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs following her interview with local news.

Hobbs has been working day and night to interfere with, slander, and attempt to shut down the Senate Audit of the Maricopa County ballots and voting machines.

Jordan did not let the opportunity to question Hobbs to pass him by.

Jordan Conradson told The Gateway Pundit this afternoon asked to speak to Hobbs and her assistant blocked me. Then when they started walking away “I was like f*ck it and ran after her.”

Jordan Conradson: “Secretary Hobbs, why are you sending top Democrat operatives into Arizona audit and hiding it from the officials?… Why are you working so hard to shut the audit down?… What are you hiding?… Isn’t it your job to be nonpartisan?… You called this a Republican audit, this is an audit for the people… Secretary Hobbs, do you have any comments?”

Katie Hobbs ran and refused to answer a SINGLE QUESTION!