Biden’s Seriously Incapacitated

PUBLISHED: 6:32 PM 23 Feb 2021
UPDATED: 8:31 PM 23 Feb 2021

Awkward: Biden Shuffles Away from Podium, Confused By Mask After Creep-A-Thon Appearance

Joe Biden is a puppet who is barely hanging on.

This isn't funny. This man is mentally ill. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Joe Biden can barely walk, much less think or even read clearly. That decrepit senility was on full display yesterday.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Joe Biden on Monday announced changes to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to assist small businesses affected by Covid lockdowns.

“Today, I’m announcing additional changes to the [Paycheck Protection Program] that will make sure we look out for mom and pop businesses even more than we already have,” Biden said.

Biden said his administration will give small businesses with fewer than 20 employees and those that are minority-owned a chance to sign up for the program.

The Biden Admin will also give $1 billion to sole proprietors.

Biden spoke for 8 minutes then walked away from the lectern without answering any questions.

As Biden was about to exit the room, he stopped and took 10 seconds trying to figure out how to put his mask on.

Biden has already been vaccinated but he made sure to virtue signal by putting a cloth mask on his face.

The Gateway Pundit also explained more about his creepy appearance:

78-year-old Joe Biden struggled to speak through his prepared remarks on 500,000 Covid-19 deaths.

Biden looks like he’s about to collapse and he can barely enunciate words.

Old Joe could barely read his notecard.


Millstones” – Joe Biden jumbled more words.


The only way what Joe?

— 🇺🇸Maggie VandenBerghe🇺🇸 (@FogCityMidge) February 22, 2021

At one point creepy Biden leaned forward with feigned emotion.


Pres. Biden: “I promise you, the day will come when the memory of the loved one you lost will bring a smile to your lips before a tear to your eye.”

— ABC News (@ABC) February 22, 2021

Biden, his wife Jill, Kamala Harris and her husband then held a moment of silence surrounded by 500 candles.

This is something you would see in China.


President Biden and Vice President Harris hold a moment of silence surrounded by 500 candles, commemorating the 500,000 Americans lost to COVID-19, followed by a performance of “Amazing Grace”

— CBS News (@CBSNews) February 22, 2021