Ballots Cover Up

PUBLISHED: 1:01 PM 12 Nov 2018
UPDATED: 6:03 PM 12 Nov 2018

Avis Rental Car Returned With Ballots, Media Narrative Claims ‘Suspicious Package’

Laura Loomer reported that an employee for Avis had discovered two boxes of provisional ballots left in a car by a democrat, Broward employee, but all the media has reported is that ‘suspicious packages’ were found.

Again, more boxes of provisional ballots were left in a car by a democrat, Broward employee, but this time, the media is covering it up.

In what appears to be a massive cover up, a Democrat, Broward County employee returned a rental car to the Fort Lauderdale Airport with two boxes of provisional ballots in the trunk.

However, the media is not reporting that, but following a “suspicious package” narrative as the airport was shut down last night after the discovery.

Laura Loomer reported images of the boxes and the Avis employee who found them.

The highly leftist Broward County Sheriff’s Office shut down a portion of the Fort Lauderdale airport after the boxes of ballots were reported.

They called it a “suspicious package” and brought in the bomb squad to “investigate,” shutting down the airport for hours.

Literally every local news media outlet has parroted the line of the “suspicious package.”

“Only a few conservative outlets even mentioned that the package was actually two boxes of provisional ballots from Broward County.”

The Miami Herald stated, “Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies and the department’s bomb squad responded. It was not immediately clear what the package was but BSO said just before 10 p.m. that the ‘bomb squad and deputies have deemed the package safe.’”

The Sun-Sentinel wrote, “A lockdown at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was lifted Sunday after authorities received reports of a suspicious package.”

WSVN Channel 7 in Miami stated, “Broward Sheriff’s office deputies and the bomb squad responded to reports of a suspicious package spotted just outside of Terminal 4, Sunday night.”

Many people want to know why this cover up is going on, and what in tarnation is being done about it!

The fact that Broward County Sheriff’s Office is highly liberal, with ties to both CAIR and Hillary Clinton seems to be ignored.

The actual story, that BOXES OF BALLOTS were found in a rental car returned by a democrat worker is being ignored.

Why are liberals in Florida so set on covering up this incident? Are they finally willing to see how far they can go in creating a third-world dictatorship in that state, using the media mouthpiece, so they can practice the take-over of the entire country?

Many people are sick over this and ask how long will liberals be allowed to cheat, lie, and steal from the American republic?