Third Accuser?

PUBLISHED: 6:52 PM 25 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 9:32 PM 25 Sep 2018

Avenatti Client To Come Forward Within 36 Hours, ‘Top Secret Clearance’

Avenatti claims that his client will come forward, but seems to be making statements that would suggest otherwise to a reasonable person.

Avenatti claimed on national television that his client would come forward soon, but now it appears that he might be backing off of that allegation.

Allegations that Brett Kavanaugh, a federal judge who has passed no less than six background checks operated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, sexually assaulted or exposed himself to women in his youth have continued. Thus far, two women, Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez have made nonspecific allegations, without any corroboration.

According to Michael Avenatti, a third person has come forward to make a claim against the federal judge, and has hired him to represent her. He said that she will come forward with her claims within 36 hours, but suddenly a new ‘story’ has emerged. He has locked his social media account, leading many to wonder if she would come forward at all, but has also claimed the next accuser had, or has, government security clearances.

During the Monday broadcast of CNN’s “Cuomo Primetime,” the attorney promised that there would be “detailed allegations,” a departure from the un-detailed (and thus far uncorroborated) accounts from the first two claimants, forthcoming in the near future.

The lawyer also claimed that not only would there be detailed allegations, but that there would be collaborating evidence for said allegations.

Avenatti also took time on the show to deride Brett Kavanaugh’s claim that he didn’t have sex until he was out of high school, claiming that this wasn’t ‘believable’ to him, and that it didn’t match what the judge wrote in his own yearbook, or his association with Mark Judge.

He also claimed that there were “many, many witnesses” who would be able to provide a rebuttal to that claim from the United States Supreme Court nominee.

While on Cuomo’s show, he also mocked the idea that all Kavanaugh did in high school was “French kiss” a woman, and questioned if the claim would devolve into what was and wasn’t ‘sexual intercourse,’ much like Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings.

However, the night after he appeared on CNN, Avenatti provided the best reason to think that his client’s claims (and his own) were lacking in credibility, when he took to Twitter to state that his client might not come forward after all, then locked his account.

After he spent two days claiming that he had a “100% credible” accuser with a claim against Brett Kavanaugh, that he had corroborating witnesses (meaning more than just one), and that his client was “willing to take a polygraph,” he now says that the name of his client would only be revealed when she was ready.

He continued on to say that it was her choice, “and her choice alone,” as to when she would come forward, if she did at all, but that he expected she would come forward within 36 hours.

A few minutes after he made this statement, which appeared to walk back the confidence he showcased last night, and which seemed to place all the onus for coming forward on his ‘client,’ Avenatti blocked all public access to his Twitter profile.

His statement on the social media network certainly lacked the assurance of the statement he made on cable television last night.

His statement even included a bit of ‘wiggle room’ in the form of a claim that the client would only come forward when they had “adequate security measures” ready, and when the client was ready, which would allow him an easy ‘out’ if the client never came forward.

It’s always possible that Avenatti has been telling the truth the whole time, and that his client simply began to get ‘cold feet’ after seeing the kind of reasonable scrutiny to which the other claims were subjected.

However, there’s also the possibility that the lawyer, who has been a very consistent and public critic of President Donald Trump since he was tapped by Stormy Daniels to help her sue the President (in a suit which appears to be headed for dismissal), simply hoped to grab headlines and undermine the president by any means necessary.

Thus far, all that has come forward against his Supreme Court pick is two allegations, one of which has failed to find anyone to corroborate it out of four people named, and the other which seems even less credible due to the wording of Ramirez herself, who supposed never mentioned the claim before this confirmation process.

At least the Christine Blasey Ford allegation might be put to rest by the end of the week, if she actually shows up to questioning in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday (though even that is not a ‘sure thing’).

Whatever the case may be, it certainly didn’t make it seem more credible when Avenatti locked his Twitter account after he made that statement.

Many logical people understand that enough time has been wasted on these alleged accounts, frankly, giving leftists just what they wanted; a chance to drag out the confirmation process.

If people will not come forward, it seems that the best thing to do would be to simply move ahead and hold a confirmation vote on Judge Kavanaugh.