Avenatti Blamed

PUBLISHED: 6:03 PM 7 Oct 2018

Avenatti Blamed For Kavanaugh Confirmation

Leftists have blamed leftist lawyer Michael Avenatti for Kavanaugh's confirmation, thanks to statements made by Senator Collins during her speech explaining her choice.

Michael Avenatti found himself the target of leftist ire over the successful confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court.

Yesterday, during an extremely partisan vote in the Senate, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, after weeks of being forced to defend his character against vague and uncorroborated accusations, was confirmed to the United States Supreme Court. Leftists, looking for someone to blame for this failure, turned their sights on Michael Avenatti.

Avenatti, the lawyer who has represented porn star Stormy Daniels in her claims against President Trump, and who represented Julie Swetnick, who alleged that Judge Kavanaugh had taken part in gang rapes and been at the party when she herself was raped, was a leftist darling mere days ago.

Now, however, the political left seems convinced that it was the over-the-top claims by Swetnick that sank their attempts to stall Kavanaugh’s confirmation. The ‘Stormy’ lawyer went nuclear when democrats targeted him with their hateful blame and ire.

When Senator Susan Collins announced her decision to vote in favor of confirmation, she gave a speech that targeted the unsupported claims by Ms. Swetnick, whose credibility has repeatedly come into question.

That speech stated that her “outlandish allegation” was put forth, completely absent of any credible supporting evidence, and that it didn’t add anything to the discussion, but rather parroted claims made by others in the public eye (which also had no collaborating evidence).

Senator Collins pointed out that the fact that such an allegation could become part of the confirmation process served as a “stark reminder” about why the concept of presumption of innocence is so “ingrained” in “American consciousness.”

After this statement, liberals began to pile onto Avenatti, while conservative pundits mocked him for sabotaging the leftist viewpoint and for showcasing how baseless the accusations were.

Julie Swetnick, his client, came forward with claims that were trumpeted by the media.

The left-leaning mainstream media, and similarly partisan political pundits, said that she had signed an affidavit claiming that Kavanaugh had spiked punch in order to take advantage of women, that he had been present when she was gang raped, and that he had even stood in line waiting to take advantage of a woman who had been drugged.

However, she walked many of those claims back in a televised interview. There was also a lingering question about why she repeatedly attended high school parties where rape was the norm, after she was out of high school, and the fact that the wording of her affidavit was unusually vague.

Media personality Greg Gutfeld quipped that attorney Avenatti had to be a republican operative, given the masterful self-sabotage of the leftist narrative.

Byron York posted a selected portion from a piece in the Washington Post that said that the Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick allegations made the entire narrative that the leftists had carefully put together seem much less believable due to their lack of perceived credibility.

Despite Avenatti’s claims, there was no corroboration of the statements his client made.

Furthermore, there were many reasons to doubt her, given her background, statements made by people who knew her, and more.

Similarly, the Ramirez claim was scarcely credible, given that even the claimant herself suggested she wasn’t sure, and couldn’t be sure, that it was Kavanaugh who had exposed himself to her.

Of course, as time went by, even the allegations leveled by Christine Blasey Ford began to look less credible, given her inability to name a witness who agreed with her, as well as the fact that she as caught lying numerous times concerning tertiary statements, like her claustrophobia or alleged terror of flying.

Even democrats in the Senate, like Gary Peters, said that the ‘circus atmosphere’ Avenatti lent to the claims didn’t help them to use alleged victims to stall Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

The lawyer, for his part, responded with a snarky statement preening himself as if he cared about her claims or about ‘victims,’ or even the idea that all women deserved to believed.

It certainly seems like his decision to advance completely unproven and vague claims for what seemed like personal gain may have backfired, and cost him a lot of the goodwill that he had accrued for providing the political left with the talking point that Donald Trump slept with a porn star.

When all is said and done, it seems like he did certainly help to undermine the credibility of the claims made by the ‘victims.’

The result of his failings, and of the FBI investigation, is that Kavanaugh has been exonerated and will be sworn in to the Supreme Court shortly, and will likely be a solidly conservative and constitutionalist vote on the court.