Racial Murders Not Racist

PUBLISHED: 12:04 AM 8 Mar 2018

Authorities Refuse To Declare Racism In Murders, Killer Vowed To “Kill All White People”

The murderer’s mother claims he is not a racist.

The motives for his crimes are clear to anyone who looks into his past.

A Black male, Frederick Demond Scott, 23, received a municipal citation for harassment in January 2014 after threatening to “kill all White people” while attending an alternative school near Kansas City, Missouri.

Scott would attempt to make good on those threats and has since been charged with murdering six White people, five males, and one female.

Scott began his career as a serial killer targeting White victims August 19, 2016, and it ended on August 13, 2017. Scott’s mother said, “As far as I know, he never had a problem with White people.”

Police have neglected to ascribe a motive to the heinous crimes of Scott despite the clear and overwhelming evidence they were racially motivated.

John W. Palmer, 54, was Scott’s first victim. Scott shot Palmer on the Indian Creek Trail the day before Palmer’s birthday. Scott then dragged his body off into the woods to avoid someone immediately finding the corpse.

David Lenox, 66, was walking his two small dogs on February 27, 2017 through the grounds of the Willow Creek apartment complex where he lived, when Scott targeted him. Scott shot Lenox and left his body on the pavement of the gated community’s parking lot.

Timothy Rice, 57, was found in his makeshift dwelling at Minor Park in Excelsior Springs on April 4, 2017. Rice’s body was found with multiple gunshot wounds, including one in his head. Police reported finding several 9mm casings around his corpse.

Michael Darby’s body was found by a cyclist May 18, 2017, around 6:30 a.m. Darby was a co-owner of Coach’s Bar and Grill at the corner of 103rd Street and Wornall Road.

His body was discovered on a walking trail that was situated between Wornall Road and Holmes Road in south Kansas City.

Darby was walking his dogs, two black labs when he fell prey to Scott who shot him and left him for dead.

Scott’s next victim, Karen Harmeyer, 64 was homeless living in a tent behind a church on the 12200 block of Blue Ridge Boulevard. Friends of hers went to check on her on July 19, 2017 when they found her lifeless corpse riddled with bullet wounds rotting away in her tent.

Scott’s final victim was 57-year-old, Steven Gibbons. Gibbons was returning home after a trip to the grocery store August 13, 2017, when Scott targeted him. According to reports, Scott approached him from behind and shot Gibbons in back of the head.

Gibbons would pass a day and a half later when his family asked doctors to take him off life support.

Scott targeted White people specifically for his crimes, and killed most of them in an extremely cowardly manner, shooting them from behind.

Scott had no connection to the individuals he murdered and no personal vendetta against any of them for any reason, other than the fact that they were White.

Scott was arrested after authorities were able to obtain surveillance footage of him following Gibbons. At the scene, detectives were able to recover a drink bottle and a cigarette butt that had Scott’s DNA. This DNA was also linked to the victims of the other murders Scott carried out.

Scott has been charged with six counts of first-degree murder and six counts of armed criminal action. He could spend the rest of his life in prison if found guilty on any one of his murder charges and receive several life sentences for the totality of his crimes.

Scott has pleaded not-guilty to the first three murders he has been charged with and will likely make the same plea for the other three investigators have linked to him.

Scott’s mother claims he is schizophrenic and links this illness to his propensity to commit racially charged murders.

The failure of police to recognize the motive behind the heinous crimes committed against a group of older White people, targeted because of their race, is an astounding display of cognitive dissonance. There feigned ignorance of the obvious is an embarrassment to law enforcement.

Scott’s documented history of disdain and hate for Whites indicates the rage he felt against Whites festered for years before materializing into a murder spree.

Emanuel Samson, a black male that targeted Whites by shooting up a church in Tennessee last September is another example of how race relations in the United States have been especially strained in recent years. Scott’s and Samson’s actions are merely a manifestation of how serious the issue has become for some.