Sam Di Gangi

Samuel Earl Di Gangi is a writer, political commentator, graphic artist, Dj. and musician with a strong anti-nuclear, pro-libertarian (small L), pro-Christian lean. He is the curator of "The Correct Views", or "TCV" ( 1) which is a member show of the newsgroup called "The Media Speaks".
Besides being known for his strong stances concerning government overreach and the need to adhere with reverence to The Constitution, Sam/TCV has interviewed a very wide variety of people, including but not limited to; Vice Presidential candidate Jim Gray, Metallica, Exodus, Luke Rodowski, Tyrone Ventura, Steve Grant, Independent Presidential candidate Richard Duncan, "Hemp Oil Girl" (who put her own brain cancer into semi-remission), Mikael Thalen, Skinny Puppy, and many more.
He has been in two documentaries. His first was "Bilderberg: Why It Mattered To Me" that was made entirely by Samuel and the shows Behind The Scenes Queen, Crastel. In it Sam talks to and films Alex Jones, Mark Dice, Luke Rodowski, We Are Change, Oath Keepers and others.
His second and better produced was "Becoming Paul Revere" where the original four members of The Media Speaks, who had only met and created political works together online, traveled to Chicago from all over the U.S. to meet and "searched" for Paul Revere – that is to say the spirit of liberty. In it the four are filmed talking to people on the street, at colleges....even in front of "the house of house" where house/techno was created! This movie features also an in-depth interview with Congressman Jim Scacia (retired) who speaks at length about the Second Amendment. It is interesting to note that much of the movie's music was scored and produced by Samuel, as well, and features camera work from both Crastel and Nikademus of the band Exhaustra.
Some of Samuel's graphics and web work can be seen on the official Passing Time website (2) along with links to his and the band's music. The band is signed to Knightstalker Records (3) and their single "War On For Your Mind" was written for and featured on The Alex Jones Show.
Passing Time is what Sam calls a "progressive industrial" band in that it is both electronic and highly technical musically which creates an interesting blend of genres. Passing Time has been billed with In This Moment, Front Line Assembly, Chemlab, Pop Will Eat Itself, and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, to name but a few. He is also known for producing "beats" for rappers and for producing music of every imaginable genre. His lyrics are often rather intricate and deal with topics ranging from despair to fantastical ghost stories, from political rantings to the Bermuda Triangle, and from blinding rage to songs of hope and personal courage.
He has collaborated with lyrical acrobat, "Knowsys" where they formed a side project called, Closet Monster who released the single, "Eyecharts" (4) that was featured on the Infowars website. The video features a government agent (Knowsys) magically appearing in every room of a man's (Sam) home and taking notes on his every move – even into the bathroom and bedroom. The lyrics again dwell on the topic of the erosion of the Fourth Amendment.
Samuel has also worked with Blight Vs. Blight, Kathleen Turner Overdrive (a one-time performance featuring members of Passing Time, Dysfunctional Ray, and others), and often guests and remixes for artists as needed.
Samuel Di Gangi has also written multiple short stories (often fictional horror with a twist ending), a novel entitled "A Sleep Unknowing"(5), and even a paper called, "Risen?: A Persuasive Essay on the Historicity of the Resurrection"(6) where Samuel proves that Christ rose from the grave and does NOT use the Bible to do it!

You can contact Sam at [email protected]


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