No Vaccine: No Freedom

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 15 Nov 2021
UPDATED: 3:49 PM 15 Nov 2021

Austria Full Tyranny: All Unvaxed Placed On Permanent Lockdown

In Austria, there is no freedom for anyone not willing to erase the Name of God from their DNA.

They can't leave their home. (Source: Twitter Screenshot)

Austria has become a full Nazi state again… the unvaccinated are the new undesirables.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

A couple of weeks ago Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg threatened to impose new lockdown restrictions on unvaccinated people.

“The pandemic is not yet in the rearview mirror,” Schallenberg said. “We are about to stumble into a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

On Sunday Schallenberg announced he is placing millions of unvaccinated people on lockdown.

“We must raise the vaccination rate. It is shamefully low,” Schallenberg told a news conference.

According to Reuters, only 65% of Austria’s population is fully vaccinated against Covid.

“The lockdown means people over 12 who are neither vaccinated nor recently recovered will not be allowed to leave the house except for reasons such as buying essential supplies, exercise or seeking medical care.” AFP reported.

The lockdown will begin on Monday.

Citizen Free Press added:

Anyone Unvaccinated over the age of 12 is not allowed to leave their home except for “essential” reasons such as grocery shopping. There is no longer an option to present a negative test.

Vaccination or lockdown.

People who have not been fully vaccinated against Covid will only be allowed to leave their homes for specific purposes, like going to a doctor, getting groceries, going to work — or getting vaccinated.

There will be random checks to ensure compliance. Austrian Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein said the government would also introduce a vaccine requirement for people working in the health care industry.

Huge crowds protest in Austria…