Not Climate Change

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 7 Jan 2020
UPDATED: 6:54 PM 7 Jan 2020

Australian Wildfires Deliberately Set By Arsonists, Over 100 People Arrested

The fires devastating the country have not been generated by ‘climate change,’ according to experts, the green laws that have prevented controlled burning for the past few years combined with arson and accidents have resulted in the continent burning.

They knew that the fire break laws exasperated the bush fires in 2009, yet deliberately left these 'green' measures in place. (Source: CTV News Screenshot YouTube)

Australia is burning. The entire continent is ringed with bush fires that can be seen from outer space, people and animals are dying, and homes and property are being destroyed.

The main narrative being pushed is that this terrible catastrophe is the result of so-called ‘climate change,’ and that somehow, mankind has caused the destruction.

Yet, that’s only partly true. According to experts and factual data, climate change is not responsible, at all. Deliberate arsonists and careless teens are the ones who have fueled the current blazes, and moreover, ‘green policies’ are responsible for the fires spreading so rapidly and uncontrolled.

KPTV reported:

Two dozen people are facing charges for deliberately setting blazes in Australia during the country’s devastating wildfire season.

[However, the AAP has reported that the numbers are much higher, nearing 200.]

Since early November, the New South Wales Police Force has arrested 24 people for deliberately setting bushfires. This offense can result in up to 21 years imprisonment, according to the agency.

In addition to those charged with starting fires intentionally, police have taken legal action against another 159 people for bushfire-related offenses. Among them are 52 people who allegedly did not comply with the state’s fire ban and 43 people accused of discarding a lit cigarette or match on land.

Legal action can range “from cautions through to criminal charges,” according to the NSW Police Force.

Authorities are still investigating the cause, origin and overall impact of the fires, many of which are still ravaging the country.

“As inquiries continue, police are appealing to the community to provide footage and/or images from phones, dashcam, or other devices, that show any of the fires in their infancy, even if only from a distance,” the NSW Police Force said in a statement.

Across New South Wales, 130 fires were still burning on Tuesday, around 50 of which were uncontrolled.

Yet, experts who are not being given airtime know exactly why these fires are raging out of control.

They say that green laws, which prevent fire breaks from being placed and other ‘regulations’ are fueling the destruction, along with arson and carelessness.

Indeed, one man, who was fined $100,000 for creating an illegal fire break around his home was the only person to NOT have his home burned to the ground.

Although there is some vulgar language in this video, Paul Watson has outlined the truth about the wildfires using facts. Watch the report below, Language Warning: