Australia Police Brutality

PUBLISHED: 3:10 PM 30 Sep 2021

Australia Police State Attacks Reporters Exposing Their Communist Brutality

They’re beating people who are resisting death by vaccine…. They are now a communist state.

Silencing any who would expose it. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Watch as the state enforcers intimidate the media to prevent their crimes from being viewed.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

The Police in/around Melbourne Australia (State of Victoria) are becoming very uncomfortable that people are recording their beatings and brutality and posting them on social media.  In an effort to stop media reporting on the continued police actions, law enforcement is now attempting to block media from being present.

Kudos to Avi Yemini and Rebel News for refusing to acquiesce to the police thug tactics.  Watch this insufferable exhibition of lawless cops with guns and badges attempting to intimidate Rebel News.