PUBLISHED: 8:24 PM 30 Nov 2016

Attorney General Sessions To Prosecute, Congress Says He Has An “Obligation” To End Clinton


Congress Has An “Obligation” To Go After Hillary

One of the biggest topics of the election has been Hillary Clinton being under congressional investigation for a number of things. First, there were the emails and then it escalated into her lying, pay-to-play scandals, and everything else in between.

Now that the election is over and all the focus is on how Donald Trump is picking his cabinet, people are wondering what is going to happen to Hillary. Is she just going to get a free pass because she got absolutely destroyed in the presidential election? The answer is NO.

Representative Jim Jordan, a Republican out of Ohio and a member of the House Oversight Committee, says that the House is going to continue to investigate Hillary even though she lost the election. This is great news for all Republicans that want to see Hillary pay for her actions.

Of course, the added bonus is watching the liberals whine and complain that she shouldn’t get this treatment. But Jordan’s response to that is standard and amazing. Hillary deserves “equal treatment under the law” and that anyone else in this position would also continue to be investigated.


Hillary Had Better Be Worried, Because The Members Of Congress Are Coming After Her

Put it this way. Say there is a situation in which a robber goes out and robs someone of their valuables. After some police work, the robber gets caught and is being charged, but all of a sudden the person that they robbed just vanishes. Should the robber continue to be held accountable? The answer is YES!

That is exactly the mentality that the House Oversight Committee has when it comes to investigating Hillary. “Well, we do have an obligation. Not just any old obligation, it’s a constitutional obligation. She obviously broke federal records law – at least I think she did.”

It doesn’t matter that Hillary got embarrassed in the elections. She broke the law and needs to pay for what she has done. And it’s a good thing that the House Oversight Committee is going to remain committed to making sure that she suffers the consequences for what she did.

It doesn’t sound like they are going to take this lightly either. They are going to continue to investigate the matter until they come to a conclusion that is suitable. And it helps out tremendously that Trump picked Senator Jeff Sessions as his pick for Attorney General of the United States.

Considering the fact that the last attorney general, Loretta Lynch, was a personal friend of Hillary, you knew that she wasn’t going to do anything to make sure that she was prosecuted. And they were doing a pretty good job as well, considering that she was able to survive until the presidential election.

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You Knew That Lynch Would Never Prosecute Hillary

And Jordan also said that if Sessions were confirmed as the Attorney General, he would be able to influence the direction of an investigation. Which means if he wants to see Hillary in prison, he will be doing whatever he can to make sure that happens. “If he thinks it warrants further pursuit, further activity, further investigation, then he can move in that direction.”

This is also a good thing because Donald Trump has said that he was going to appoint a special persecutor to make sure that she lands in prison. And since then he has backed off on that promise, most likely to focus on other things that he wants to accomplish.

But Jordan says that while he respects the decision that Trump has made to not go after Hillary any more, it is the responsibility of Congress to make sure that something does happen to Hillary. And they are absolutely correct!

You want to make sure that the person that did the crime does the time. And considering that Hillary’s emails have put the country at risk for anything bad to happen, she needs to pay for that! Not to mention that she was blatantly lying to the people of the House Oversight Committee. And the rest of her team followed suit.

Despite the fact that they all had immunity and couldn’t get in trouble, they all decided to plead the 5th. But if they are pleading the fifth, then they are hiding something! Not to mention that they had full immunity so they were obviously hiding something!

Seriously, people who plead the fifth while having a get out of jail free card are obviously hiding something. But that is all going to end because the House Oversight Committee is going to continue investigating Hillary until they get the answers that the people of this country deserve.

As stated earlier, several of Hillary’s team members were trying to plead the fifth on all the questions that the House Oversight Committee was going to ask. And they were doing it so often that it led to the announcement from chairman Jason Chafettz saying that they had something to hide. Again, people who plead the fifth are immediately going to be suspicious that they are hiding something. And for nearly every member of Hillary’s team to do that, the suspicion is pretty high.

But it isn’t just Jordan that wants to continue the investigation into Hillary. Chafettz made a statement saying that they were going to continue investigating her as well. Two prominent members of the House Oversight Committee are determined to make sure that Hillary gets her due justice. These are two men that are absolutely committed to making sure justice is served.

Share this article to show everyone that despite the election results and the focus being taken off of Hillary, Congress is going to continue to investigate her for what she has done. That means that her crimes against this country are finally going to be answered.

So for those of you that are asking about what is going to happen to Hillary now that the election is over, here is your answer. She is going to have to finally answer to what Congress has to say.