U.S. Embassy In Montenegro Attacked, One Dead

PUBLISHED: 7:26 PM 22 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 7:27 PM 22 Feb 2018

Attack At U.S. Embassy In Montenegro Leaves One Dead, Many Injured

An attack on the U.S. Embassy in Montenegro left one attacker dead and several others injured.

Possible terrorists carried out an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Montenegro.

A terrorist threw a grenade at the U.S. Embassy in Montenegro and then killed himself with another explosive device attached to his body when police arrived.

The Department of State said they have been in contact with local police and have warned Americans there’s still an “active security situation” in the capital of Podgorica.

Police say the suspect approached the U.S. Embassy and hurled at least one explosive device at the building.

Montenegro’s government said the suspect “probably” threw a what appeared to be a hand grenade and then “committed suicide with an explosive device.”

Fortunately, no one else was injured and there wasn’t any major damage reported in the area or to the U.S. Embassy.

Steve Goldstein, the State Department’s undersecretary for public diplomacy and public affairs, said increased security measures will be put in place to ensure the safety of Americans in the area.

The Department of State is advising all Americans to “avoid the embassy until further notice.”

Montenegro is located along the Adriatic Sea in southeastern Europe, which has been overrun by violence from Muslim refugees carrying out attacks on a regular basis.

Many of these violent migrants have waged jihad across Europe, resulting in innocent civilians being subjected to violence and dangers that didn’t exist prior to the refugee crisis.

The chilling uptick in crime and violence from radical Islamic terrorists has resulted in an unprecedented wave of explosions, vandalism, assaults, murders, and sexual assaults across Europe.

And perhaps this violence is now spreading even further across Europe and into Montenegro, a small nation not typically exposed to violence and conflict.

Unlike the Obama administration, President Donald Trump takes these threats very seriously and won’t ignore the warning signs like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did with the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Thankfully, this radical terrorist killed himself and can’t carry out other attacks against Americans.

Source: Zero Hedge