Famous Coach Banned From Entering U.S.

PUBLISHED: 12:34 AM 3 Feb 2018

Athlete And Coach Barred, Lawyer Blames Trump Insults

This isn’t the first time he has been banned from entering the U.S.

While he claims otherwise, there is more to why this World Cup great is not allowed into the U.S.

The news today about how President Donald Trump has refused to allow Diego Maradona, who is “is currently manager of United Arab Emirates outfit Al-Fujairah,” into the U.S. because he bad-mouthed the U.S. leader will outrage many. However, before the fury gets too high over this seemingly obvious attack on free speech, let us see if it even really happened.

As the Bleacher Report reminds us, though quite deeply in the article, there is a travel ban on certain nations. The man is said to have been trying to get a visa so that he could attend “a court case involving his ex-wife, Claudia Villafane.”

This winner of the 1986 World Cup is accusing his wife of 14-years of stealing money from him and using the cash to buy “seven luxury apartments in Miami,” the Daily Mail has confirmed.

One factor in him being refused entry into the nation is because he was banned from the nation over a drug issue back during the 1996 World Cup. Now, one can argue that such an offense should not be grounds for refusal in 2018, but that is not up to Mr. Trump. This would imply that his refusal had nothing to do with what he said about the Commander in Chief.

What Maradona said to RT was, “For me, he’s more of a comic. He’s like a cartoon to me, if we talk about politics. … Every time I see him on TV, I switch the channel.

Considering the number of people who are in the U.S. now who have said far worse, this argument seems hollow at best. There is not an honest Democrat who can argue that point.

Secondly, if he had not switched the channel and had actually listened to the president talk, he may have found that there isn’t any reason to make such accusations. As a matter of fact, had he nicely petitioned Mr. Trump over the matter, perhaps this could have been changed. With his status, the request would have been heard in the age of Twitter.

The anti-Trump crowd does not use reason when making accusations, however. That is because, in reality, the real reason does not even matter. The goal is to try and take a stab at the man who beat their foolish agenda.

These distractions are popping up like grass blades because the left has to deflect from the fact that our economy is soaring and the border is tight. Wages are going up and investments are again being made in the U.S. from other nations.

As for the rest of what we see people complaining about, it is vital that we actually listen to what Mr. Trump says, not just trust the MSM to relay it to us, because they skew it. They twist every move that is made and they are furious that so many people have awoken to stand against them for doing so.

That means, quite frankly, that they have lost.

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