Clinton Clearance Gone

PUBLISHED: 12:11 PM 13 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 5:31 PM 13 Oct 2018

‘At Her Request’? Clinton Has Security Clearance Removed

The Senate Judiciary Committee announced Friday that Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, and four other people lost their security clearance two months ago.

Hillary Clinton and five others lost their security clearance at the end of August.

According to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Hillary Clinton had her security clearance removed over the summer “at her request.” The Committee received confirmation from the State Department over the summer, it stated Friday.

The shocking revelation was included in an update from the State Department concerning “its ongoing review of the mishandling of classified information related to the use of Clinton’s non-government email server.”

Five other ‘researchers’ also lost security clearance, “including close aide Cheryl Mills.”

The press release outlined progress in the investigation and the status of Clinton’s clearance, which was “administratively withdrawn” on Aug. 30. The redacted names of the other four individuals had their clearance removed on Sept. 20, according to the document.

“As we previously informed the committee, these individuals had been granted access to classified information through a request made by Secretary Clinton designating them as researchers, per E.O. 13526, Sec. 4.4(a)(2),” it said.

The State Department also explained that “tens of thousands of documents” had been collected and reviewed for any “classified content.”

Documents that included classified material had been transferred and reviewed by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security “and all valid security incidents have been added to the security file for some individuals,” according to the information released.

Many conservatives have speculated that the loss of Clinton’s security clearance is one of the initial steps required before formal charges can be issued. Other claim that the reason such clearance is stripped is so that the potential criminal will be denied access to any information required in a potential defense.

Conservative Daily Post recently reported on the results of a Judicial Watch lawsuit, that found that confirmed “Hillary Clinton ran a “pay-for-play” State Department. Official government business was conducted through the Clinton family’s global network of charities, for a price.”

The information delivered Friday has led others to suppose that at least one other person, Jake Sullivan, could be one of the redacted names who lost his clearance.

CDP previously reported, “The State Department’s Jake Sullivan was also in the middle of a ‘Burma’ deal for the Clinton Foundation to ‘work in Myanmar in collaboration with government agencies and other NGO’s.’

Cheryl Mills was copied in on the memo inviting Bill Clinton to ‘open offices in Rangoon and Mandalay.’

“Sullivan was also in the loop setting up a public relations stunt for the Clinton Global Initiative. The State Department’s Deputy Chief of Staff was tasked with coming up with ‘potential questions for Closing Plenary conversation between Secretary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton.’

“It is shameful that Hillary Clinton attempted to delete or hide classified information and that Obama appointees James Comey and Loretta Lynch refused to prosecute her,” Judicial Watch’s President Tom Fitton declared when the information was discovered.

To most conservatives and thinking people, it does seem like Clinton was given a free pass for her grossly illegal behavior.

Many people believe that the loss of security clearance is another step in finally prosecuting at least some of the criminal activist conducted by the Clinton’s during their long reign of rule in the United States.