Rosenstein Investigated?

PUBLISHED: 10:30 AM 8 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 5:08 PM 9 Sep 2018

Assistant Attorney General Under Investigation, Unable To Utilize FISA Warrants?

Rumors abound that Rosenstein is in for serious issues, and this may just be the tip of the iceberg.

The Deputy Attorney General is allegedly under investigation for a number of violations related to FISA warrants. As such, he may not be able to use FISA warrants currently.

Since President Donald Trump took office, it seems like Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General, has sought to work against both the President and the Republican party in a number of ways, including by refusing to hand over documents. However, if the claim made by former U.S. Attorney Joe diGenova on Sean Hannity’s show last night is correct, it could be even worse.

According to diGenova, Rosenstein is under investigation for something related to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants. More interesting still, the Deputy Attorney General is, allegedly, no longer able to take part in the issuance of such warrants, due to a ‘big problem’ utilizing them before, and possibly even lying to the FISA courts!

On the Wednesday night show, Hannity was discussing whether or not the Federal Bureau of Investigation ever made a good faith effort to “verify or corroborate” information that they utilized to seek FISA warrants, which allowed them to surveil members of a political campaign.

He added that if they didn’t make an attempt to do either, then the various members of the FBI perpetrated a fraud on as many as four FISA court judges and politicized the Department of Justice and the Bureau.

His guest, Joe diGenova, replied, and said that it was fairly obvious some sort of fraud had occurred, and that there wasn’t any doubt about it.

He also talked about John Huber, the man who was supposed to investigate the Uranium One deal and allegations that the Clinton family and their foundation profited from it.

According to the former U.S. Attorney, Huber neglected to interview important individuals involved.

Perhaps the biggest announcement, however, was his statement that Rosenstein is under investigation, and that now he is not even able to utilize FISA warrants, even though he is the number 2 individual in the DOJ.

DiGenova said that Rosenstein is under investigation for things related to the warrants.

He described the ‘department’ (of Justice) as being “in freefall,” and called what was going on there a travesty of “immense proportions.”

He also made an important point about Jeff Sessions and his role in all of this.

Specifically, he pointed out that Sessions had no role, and that due to the way that he recused himself, there was not much that the Attorney General could do one way or another.

Sara Carter, who was also on the show, said that although she had not confirmed diGenova’s claims, she had heard similar claims about Rosenstein and what had happened to him.

DiGenova also mentioned Congressman Mark Meadows, a republican from North Carolina, and said that he deserved “all kinds of medals” for continuing to look into the FISA applications that seemed almost designed to target members of the Donald Trump campaign in the months and weeks before the election.

He said that Congress needs to demand a “federal grand investigation” into the FISA processes, everything done about it before the election, and everything done with it after the election, including allegations of lying to the secretive FISA Courts in order to get FISA warrants.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the New York Times article about the high-ranking ‘resister’ who claims that they’re on President Trump’s staff at the White House is subversion, in his opinion, which is certainly hard to disagree with.

The article talked about people who were undermining the Commander-in-Chief in his own administration, and others have talked about simply removing paperwork from the desk of President Donald J. Trump in order to prevent him from being able to sign it.

Most importantly, though, if diGenova is correct about Rosenstein being under investigation, and being barred from utilizing FISA warrants, it could indicate a number of changes.

Firstly, it could indicate that finally, the infamously tight-lipped ‘FISA’ proceedings may be better regulated than they currently are. After all, many people agree that if a number of Barack Obama administration officials and appointees were able to abuse the system to use unconfirmed dossiers filled with political attack material and funded by a major party, to spy on a political campaign, something, ANYTHING should change.

Senator Rand Paul, the junior republican Senator from Kentucky, has repeatedly said that FISA warrants were overutilized to spy on Americans and that they were a lawless method to surveil people without having to prove, in an open court of law, necessity or wrongdoing.

However, rumors are swirling that this is only the beginning of a greater discovery concerning the deep state, the Barack Obama administration, and the unethical targeting of Donald Trump’s campaign.