PUBLISHED: 5:33 PM 10 Oct 2016

Assange Releases 2nd Wave Early This Morning, Insider Donors Controlling Election

Assange Exposing Hillary For All Of Her Corruption

Assange Exposing Hillary For All Of Her Corruption

Assange Promises His Leaks Will Lead To Hillary Going To Prison

WikiLeaks released the first batch of their “October surprise” last week and it began with Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta.

In the first batch, Hillary Clintons transcripts from her secret speeches to Goldman Sachs where released. In these speeches, she admitted to having two policy positions: one for the public and one for private.

Hillary Confirming She Has two Policy Positions

Hillary Confirming She Has two Policy Positions

Following that revelation, we were also able to see that Clinton and her campaign continue to use divisive rhetoric.

In this email, Podesta is arguing that Jews, Hindus, and Chinese people are almost always highly successful if they are given half a chance, but he argues that blacks and Muslims cannot become as successful at that rate.

Podesta also labeled blacks and Muslims as professional “never-do-wells.”

Again, these are his own words. These emails are confirmed and have not been doctored.

More Racism From The Clintons

More Racism From The Clintons

Whether they are referring to Americans as the taco-bowl engagement, basket of deplorables, the never-do-wells, or the functional illiterates, Democrats, primarily the Clinton campaign, continues to insult us behind our back.

Following Donald Trump dominating Hillary Clinton in the second debate Sunday evening, WikiLeaks released another batch of emails Tuesday morning.

In these emails, we see clear evidence that Hillary Clinton is working with George Soros to rig this election.

In this email exchange, it shows that Soros and Clinton were “engaging in multi-state efforts to overturn voter ID laws.”


Hillary Coordinating With Soros To Rig The Election

To make matters worse, a firm with ties to Soros is purchasing software to give it greater power over the voting in U.S. elections.

Obama approved the transaction in 2013, and it will be in full force this election cycle. The firm, SCYTL, is a Barcelona-based company that now owns the rights to count a majority of the votes in the Presidential Election.

Not only do we have proof Hillary and Soros are trying to rig elections in battleground states by removing photo ID laws, we also see that a George Soros company will be counting a majority of the votes cast in this election.

Still don’t think they are rigging this against us?

How many more examples of corruption do we need to see before Hillary ends her campaign? We have emails proving that not only has liberal kingpin George Soros donated more than $30,000,000 to Hillary’s campaign, but he is also working with her to overturn photo ID laws in key battleground states.

Democrats argue that requiring a photo ID to vote is discriminatory, but they don’t mind forcing people to prove their age and identity prior to purchasing a gun, alcohol, or cigarettes.

Democrats are trying to play dirty again and we have the emails to prove it. This story has not been reported by any of the liberal networks because they are in full panic mode about what is going to be released.

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