PUBLISHED: 10:03 PM 6 Jan 2017
UPDATED: 10:06 PM 6 Jan 2017

Assange: Obama Is Using The CIA In Secret Operation To Undermine Trump’s Victory

This could be his biggest revelation yet!

This could be his biggest revelation yet!

This could be his biggest revelation yet!

Barack Hussein Obama has 13 days left before he is forced to leave the White House, and he is going to make every single day count.

It has been reported by WikiLeaks, in unison with President Trump, that Obama is using the CIA to illegally funnel top secrets to liberal news affiliates — primarily NBC — to delegitimize his win in the election. They are doing this so that they can continue to push their “Russian” narratives, which have been exposed as completely false.

Following WikiLeaks exposing this corruption, President Donald Trump is now calling for a congressional investigation into leaks of classified material to NBC News that delegitimize Trump’s victory.

Late Friday morning, Trump tweeted that he wants Congress to handle these allegations before they continue. Trump has every right to be upset that all of these “Russian theories” are being created and spread by Obama himself.

Trump’s team has also acknowledges that Obama and his team are trying to undo a democratic election and steal this away from the American people.

The leaks to NBC first came to Trump’s attention Thursday night, when he asked how NBC received access to the names of Russian hackers who allegedly hacked Democratic email accounts. Which is a more than fair question to ask.

On Friday morning, WikiLeaks came to Trump’s defense and made it clear that Obama was colluding with liberal media corporations illegally through the CIA.

WikiLeaks, which has embarrassed the Obama administration for years, also single handedly took down Hillary Clinton. They have a 100% accurate track record. There is a reason liberals call them “hackers” and not “liars.” They never seem to dispute the information in the emails, but rather how WikiLeaks got them.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has long maintained the source of the emails was not the Russian government. Assange has suggested the information came from a disgruntled Democrat in the United States, which many of us believe was Seth Rich–who was mysteriously murdered two weeks after the DNC leaks in July 2016.

COMINT is communications information — made via text, email, or phone — picked up from individuals. It is a serious violation of federal law to give classified information to the media, especially by government officials.

Immediately following Assange’s efforts to expose this, he also reported that he and his family are being targeted more heavily by powerful government actors in light of this latest efforts to expose Obama (again).

So tell me, America: Who do you believe? WikiLeaks or Obama?