PUBLISHED: 8:46 PM 6 Mar 2017

Assange Now Set To Leave Embassy, Must Find New ‘Home’ Or Suffer Global Trial For WikiLeaks


Assange has been forced to address the media and live his life from within an embassy for over half a decade.

It is not very often that friends of liberty and lovers of freedom praise when an innocent man is holed up in only a few rooms for over half a decade. Such a life is hardly any better than life in a prison cell, with the word “hardly” being ever important; for if the liberty hero Julian Assange of Wikileaks leaves the embassy that he is trapped within, it is a prison cell that surely awaits him. The reason that he has been trapped within those walls is because the British and American governments are pursuing Assange for exposing their absolute corruption and illegal practices. For this and other trumped up charges regarding his sex life, he was released on bail and has been “safe” in an embassy where, unbeknownst to most of the world prior, one can not be arrested.

Not that his life was/is enviable to anyone outside of a prison cell, things may now get much harder for Assange, even if his allies are aiming to assist him by their actions. Guillermo Lasso, who the Miami Herald reports is the leader in the Ecuadorian Presidential contest currently, proclaims that he “plans to evict Assange from that country’s London embassy if he wins the April 2 runoff against ruling party candidate Lenín Moreno.” While the claim of Lasso is to prevent Assange’s extradition by “finding him a new home,” who knows if Assange will be safe from governments trying to kidnap him as the Jews captured the NAZI’s who fled as far away as South America after World War II? While we all know that the NAZI’s deserved the pursuit, the same excuse could be used to pursue Assange, who does not.


Many see that whether exposing crimes of the right (Bush) or left (Obama and Clinton), Assange speaks on the truth. He is but a messenger who has caused no of his messages to be true.

Lasso also told the Miami Herald that “We will ask Mr. Assange, very politely, to leave our embassy, in absolute compliance with international conventions and protocols. We vow to take all the steps necessary so that another embassy will take him in and protect his rights.” The major trouble here is that there are likely ten people on any given day looming like ghosts, just praying that Assange so much as steps his toe onto the sidewalk so that they can arrest him and basically end his life. It is safe to assume that a man as wise and prudent in thought as Assange is has Wikileaks safely in transition to safer hands should he be taken down. He has had MANY years to make sure of such things. Therefore, the Assange take down would be for show only.

Ecuador has long said that they would accept Assange since they view him as how many of the American liberty movement does, as a hero. He has exposed Trump’s problems as much as Clinton’s or Obama’s or anyone else’s. He is a man who seeks the truth before his own well-being, which is good because he has not had very much what could be called “well-being” as a result of his unimaginable bravery. The issue at hand is that Assange was known to have what can only be called “James Bond” kinds of sexual romps, something that Sweden has twisted to suggest that Assange is a sexual predator or threat. Not only is there no evidence of this whatsoever, the goal, according to his legal team, is not for these nations to win the sexual case. Assange will win that easily since he is innocent, but then, he will be extradited to the U.S. to face unfair arrest and persecution for other publishings.


Julian Assange has never claimed to be a sexually moral man, but the rape charges are baseless, made only to entrap him on other charges once proven false.

To be fair, Assange foolishly promised to leave the embassy should Obama free Chelsea Manning, something that Obama did do. Perhaps Obama was underestimated, but nonetheless, Assange now does sit in the embassy with a bit of a credibility issue on this hands. Assange says that the commute was NOT a pardon, so with Manning set to be freed on May 17th, it may be important for Assange to flee from that embassy before he is called a liar. Wikileaks has been (to the best of most people’s knowledge) 100% accurate, so it is not Wikileaks that will be questioned, but Assange. This will prove even MORE the case if Manning gets a full pardon at some point, though it won’t be from Obama so there is wiggle room here.

Wikileaks has shown the world so many valuable lessons, not only about corruption from our leaders, but also about ourselves. Today in America we wonder HOW someone (Putin is usually wrongly blamed) hacked Clinton, not WHY her foundation was corrupted with illegal money, not WHY her closest allies are would-be child defilers like Anthony Weiner, not why satanic spirit cooking happens, but WHAT was the motive? No one seems to care very much that the motive is not what really mattered.


Democrats, when the Clinton camp was proven to be in the brood of Satanic spirit cookers (pictured), blamed Assange for showing the truth and not Clinton for being into evil practices.

That, more than even seeing Assange locked up for being a brave man, is the saddest part of this. The socialism-loving-left hates Assange because he did not allow someone who was truly evil to lead the biggest and most powerful nation in the free world. This kind of hate he likely expected, but not from the Democrats who should be thanking him for making sure that future elections are fairer for everyone. It was Assange who was just as fair when he exposed the absolute evil that was much of what George W. Bush was and what he did. For this reason, and others, Trump has called back to even what H.W. Bush did in terms of who the precepts of Reagan were ignored by.

If Assange is going to be moved, this is where a hot shot Hollywood director would stage some elaborate and over produced helicopter scene with Arnold himself shouting, “GET IN THE CHOPPA’!“, but it is doubtful that anything like that will actually happen. As it stands, until Assange is pardoned from Britain, it is far less than likely that Assange gets out of that embassy four steps before he is arrested or shot. The Brexit had given some hope to Assange, according to those close to him, but as the dust settles from that vote, nothing has changed. If things continue to not change, Assange may be a little cramped, but far better off where he is than the bars that await him should he be evicted by even a well-meaning new leader.


Many, like former Senator Ron Paul (pictured), know that it was the rot exposed from Wikileaks that cost Clinton the win, NOT Wikileaks and not Assange.