PUBLISHED: 2:28 PM 24 Aug 2016
UPDATED: 7:37 PM 4 Oct 2016

Assange Narrowly Misses Drone Assasination, They Kill His Lawyer Instead

UPDATE: Hillary Clinton proposed a drone strike against Mr. Assange when he announced that the next leak would be “life-ending” for the Clintons. It is now believed that Julian has moved to a new, undisclosed location where he is awaiting an opportunity to release the deadly information strike.


He Had the Secrets Assange Was Protecting, And He Was Murdered Because Of It

With the November election fast approaching, Donald Trump is not the only person who stands in the way of Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have appeared to be one of the biggest threats to Hillary Clinton, and she knows it.

Monday morning it was reported that Julian Assange survived a possible assassination attempt. Early Tuesday morning, it was reported that Assange’s lawyer, John Jones was murdered in his London home. Jones has one of Julian;s most trusted confidants, and he was believed to have a copy of the documents on Hillary Clinton.

The entire situation is anything but coincidental. It is not a coincidence that Julian Assange had a potential burglar at 2am try to break into his home on Monday night, and his lawyer was murdered one week before. That is a clear pattern, and one can guess who may be behind this.

Assange After Hearing About His Lawyer, Friend

Assange After Hearing About His Lawyer, Friend

This is not a conspiracy theory, the dots are easily connectable. Julian Assange is a highly wanted man and many would love to get a hold of him before he releases the emails and documents on Hillary Clinton next month.

According to the police report, Jones was struck by a train, but authorities indicate that there was a suspicious man talking with Jones that night. Eye-witnesses indicated that they saw two men talking that night by the train tracks and then after the accident, the second man went missing.

London authorities said that his was a suicide, they never recorded the information about the second man at the scene talking to Jones, and they said there was nothing suspicious about the case. Why is it that people that stand in Clinton’s way continue to end up dead or they “commit suicide?” These assertions just don’t add up.

Julian Assange does not believe this was a suicide attempt at all. He immediately tweeted the following after he heard about his lawyers death.


Assange Knows What Is Happening To Him, And He Will Not Stand For It Any Longer

The fact of the matter is that people continue to die that stand in Hillary Clinton’s way. She is less than 70 days away from the election and only Donald Trump and Julian Assange stand a chance of stopping her. It was assumed that Assange’s lawyer also had incriminating evidence on Hillary, so it is highly possible that he was murdered for that reason.

The news is particularly disturbing, especially when a few weeks ago Democratic Strategist and Hillary Clinton colleague, Bob Beckel, appeared in a FOXTV interview and called for the assassination of Julian Assange.

By all indications, Jones had everything to live for. He was only 48 years old, a successful, well-regarded attorney who lived in a $1.5 million home in London, with his beautiful and accomplished wife, 40-year-old Dr. Misa Zgonec-Rozej, director of an international law consultancy, and their two young children.

Jones, while working alongside Assange, planned to release an “October Surprise” leak of Hillary Clinton’s emails, and it quite possibly cost Jones his life. It purportedly contains information that will definitively put her behind bars. That alone is enough reason for someone to want to kill Assange and anyone associated with him that may also possess the information.

One of the strangest developments this year has been seeing left-wing media outlets and journalists attack WikiLeaks for doing what they are supposed to do: reveal the unbiased truth to the people. WikiLeaks has done us an invaluable service by shining a light into the dark corners of power where corruption and wrongdoing grow.


Too Many People Are Being Murdered Because They Know Stuff About Crooked Hillary

The media spends more time attacking Donald Trump for saying mean things as opposed to attacking Hillary Clinton for actually having people killed. The media is driven by ratings, yet they refuse to cover stories like this because it shines on a light on Hillary’s corruption.

People are literally dying trying to help Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, and we have to continue to do everything in our power to make sure he is safe and unharmed. We need his documents, but we also want him to be safe.

Whether Julian survived another assassination attempt the other day or not, we cannot continue to turn our cheek at what is clearly happening. It is no secret that anyone that crosses the Clinton’s ends up in a body bag. Sharing posts that showcase what Assange and his people risk to fight the corrupt system is exactly what we should be doing.

If you’re tired of people getting killed because of Hillary Clinton, share this. If you want nothing more than to see her in a prison cell, share this. Because if we don’t share these stories, the liberal media will continue to sweep them under the rug and act like they don’t exist–which gives Hillary a pass.