90 Pound Suspect

PUBLISHED: 9:31 PM 12 Jul 2018

Artist With No Arms Stabs A Tourist Twice

The culprit said that Gloria Estefan has had 200 of his children.

Police in Florida were likely shocked to respond a man with no arms who stabbed someone...twice.

Forty-six-year-old Jonathan Crenshaw is quite famous in South Beach, Florida. The 90-pound man paints with his feet and he has no arms, yet somehow, he stabbed a tourist no less than two times, according to the Miami Herald. It may sound impossible, but according to police records, it is a fact.

It was just past midnight on Tuesday when, using only a pair of scissors held in his feet, Crenshaw stabbed “Cesar Coronado, 22, who was visiting Miami Beach from Chicago.” Crenshaw said that he was struck in the head by the Chicagoan while he was laying down so he stabbed his attacker twice, put the scissors in his waistband, and walked away.

Medics found Coronado bleeding from his left arm and laying on the ground when the arrived. He was taken for care at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. It has been established that Cindy Barrientos, 22, was also with Coronado when he came upon the popular artist.

Both of the tourists told officers that they were merely asking for directions when the armless man attacked them.

Of course, the artist had a different story. He said that he was just defending himself from an assault that the two were carrying out but his story needs to be told to a judge because Crenshaw is being held at the “Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on $7,500 bond.”

The strangest part of the story is that Crenshaw, even in his disabled state, may have deserved being arrested. Since 2008, he has offenses on his record that include “trespassing, disorderly intoxication, vandalism, and battery on police officers, firefights and city code inspectors.

Back in 2011, the Miami New Times did an article on Crenshaw and while he never told how he ended up having no arms, he stated that he was born in Alabama and that is mother moved quite frequently with him as he grew up. He even said that she fed him rat poison as a child, something that would explain a lot, if true.

He even told the paper that he has impregnated a number of women, including pop icon Gloria Estefan, who he says gave birth to 200 of his children.

Clearly, the man has issues.

Just the same, the city can’t very well have even the handicapped running around stabbing people with their feet, as odd as that fact is to actually read in a sentence.

Needless to say, the judge is going to have his hands full.