Student Fakes Kidnapping

PUBLISHED: 9:05 PM 11 Apr 2018

Art Student Fakes Kidnapping To Scam Parents Out Of $85,000

It is unclear if she needed the money for something or was just being greedy.

Such an image was sent to Wang's parents.

Only last month, a teen attempted to have her own father carjacked and the whole plan could have gotten everyone involved harmed. It was hoped by many that such a dangerous mix of greed and planning was not something that was common, but perhaps it is doomed to be. Fox 61 News has reported today that a “college student in California was arrested for allegedly scamming her parents” in much the same fashion.

Instead of a carjacking, however, kidnapping was claimed. The New York Post found that Yimei Wang, 20, sent a picture of herself  “bound and gagged” in an effort to get $85,000 from her parents.

Wang was already fortunate enough to be able to attend the ArtCenter College of Design, yet she wanted more. So, she concocted a story, telling her parents that she was safe but in need of ransom money.

Cops found the lady in a hotel room, “safe and sound,” though the courts will surely not be pleased when it comes time to try her case. She was “arrested on extortion charges and was released after posting $30,000 bail,” so already, the water is simmering.

She admitted she took the picture in order to extort the family,” said Pasadena police Lt. Pete Hettema.

He added, “It’s unclear why she needed the money.”

Perhaps the lawman was simply being kind because the young lady likely did not “need” the money at all. She was already attending a school that many gifted people would do almost anything to attend.

The fear and unease that she caused her family was nothing, of course, to the amount of time that law enforcement was tied up as they attempted to deal with the prank.

It is hard to say how many real cases did not get the attention that they deserved because police were sent on a wild goose chase to “save” this girl’s life.

That life was never in any danger, though now, it may be in jeopardy of being spent behind bars.