Student Stabbed

PUBLISHED: 1:37 PM 15 Dec 2018
UPDATED: 6:49 PM 15 Dec 2018

Arrest Made In College Student’s Stabbing Death In The Netherlands

The 21-year-old American was found in a pool of blood after allegedly being stabbed to death by her roommate, who although initially at large, has been apprehended.

Sarah Papenheim was found in a pool of her blood after her roommate allegedly stabbed her. (Image credit: YouTube)

Minnesota native Sarah Papenheim, who was studying psychology at Erasmus University in the Netherlands, was brutally stabbed to death in her apartment on Wednesday afternoon, CBS Minnesota reported.

“They found her in a bath of blood, stabbed to death and beat up and stabbed for no reason, but trying to be his friend,” Papenheim’s mother, Donee Odegard, told reporters.

The suspected murderer is her roommate. He apparently took off after the killing, but authorities captured him getting off a train in Eindhoven.

Odegard recalled that her daughter often complained about her roommate’s temper, and that he had lots of mood swings, and advised her daughter to move out, but the victim wouldn’t leave, saying she was his “only friend.”

Rotterdam police are continuing to investigate, spokesman Roland Ekkers said.

“This is obviously a very, very tragic case,” Ekkers said. “We are somewhat happy we could arrest the suspect so soon, but that’s only a small drop in the pain that the family must feel. So our thoughts are with them.”

Those who knew Papenheim described her as a talented drummer and renowned Minneapolis drummer Jellybean Johnson said he was impressed by her talent.

“I liked her because she hit the drums just as hard as guys did,” Johnson said. “So I nicknamed her ‘Thumper.’”

Witnesses heard arguing and screams in her third-floor room before her death, according to police.

Papenheim was “studying psychology with an emphasis in suicide, which took her 21-year-old brother’s life three years ago.”

Police have not revealed a possible motive and reports conflict about whether the suspect’s name has been released.

One report claimed that JoÎl Schelling was her 23-year-old roommate and had been taken into custody.

One of Papenheim’s bandmates, George Moye, said he was devastated by her death.

“The thing that is going through my head is that she was coming home for Christmas, and we were all so excited to see her and to hear that she was coming back that way, and that was just tragic,” Moye said.

“Lanaya Baker, a bass player and former board member of the Minnesota Blues Society, said she has shared the stage with Papenheim and knew her as someone ‘who could hold her own’ with many of the best musicians in the state.”

“She was so courageous” to jump in with such a talent as Allison,” Baker said. “She hadn’t been drumming that often while being in college,” he added.

“Musicians are planning a concert to benefit Odegard and the rest of Papenheim’s family in an effort to offset some of the expenses that come with returning a loved one’s body from overseas. Odegard said it will cost her family $10,000 to $15,000 to bring her daughter home.”

“We can’t afford it,” said Odegard.

“One of her many friends has started an online fundraising effort to help the family, and dozens of people had pledged thousands of dollars in the first few hours.”