Illinois School Shooting

PUBLISHED: 4:31 PM 16 May 2018

Armed Guard Shoots Student Gunman In Illinois Gym

The former student entered the gym where students were gathered to practice the graduation ceremony.

A resource officer took down the suspect.

A school resource officer at Dixon High School in Dixon, Illinois, shot an armed 19-year-old former student after he opened fire on the officer and others inside the school gym, according to Sauk Valley.

School resource officer Mark Dallas rushed to the gym, where seniors were practicing for their graduation, used his firearm, and took down the suspect. Imagine that, gun laws don’t work, and a good guy with a gun took down a bad guy with a gun to save many lives.

The student is reportedly in police custody and does not have a life-threatening gunshot wound. Dallas shot the 19-year-old gunman, whose identity has not yet been released to the media, in the shoulder, after reports that he had a gun in the gym.

The shooter fired multiple rounds Dallas, and did not hit him with any bullets.

Sauk Valley reports the school is on lock down, and that parents can pick up students and should bring an identification with them.

“The officer was not injured, nor was anyone else,” said City Administrator Danny Langloss, whose daughter is a senior at the high school and was in the gym during the shooting.

“The shooting happened in the gym, where seniors, whose last day of school was Friday, were gathered for graduation practice,” he added. “We’re lucky the officer was there. His brave actions saved a lot of lives.”

Sauk Valley reports that police believe “the suspect acted alone and that there is no further threat to the safety of students or staff.”

As we wait for more details to emerge, this is another glaring reminder that gun laws pushed by liberals do not work.

Dallas proved that only armed defenders can fight back against chaos and tyranny.

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