Sheriff Slams Democrats

PUBLISHED: 8:54 PM 14 Sep 2018

Arizona Sheriff Speaks Out Against County Officials Decision To Reject $1.4M Border Security Grant

He suggested that opposing the much-needed funding for partisan reasons was absolutely “unthinkable.”

Liberals on the county board of Pima County, Arizona recently voted 3-1 to reject a $1.4 million border security grant to supposedly protest the Trump administration (pictured above).

Just recently, liberals on the county board of Pima County, Arizona reportedly voted 3-1 to reject a $1.4 million border security grant from Operation Stonegarden, which is a program designed improve cooperation between local and federal officials on the issue of border security, in an apparent protest of President Donald Trump. Apparently, this is somehow now suddenly more important to them than the safety of their constituents.

Unsurprisingly, the democrats’ sudden refusal to support strengthening the country’s border security to supposedly protest President Trump left countless people utterly furious, including Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier, who called their act of turning away much-needed money for partisan reasons “unthinkable.”  

Specifically, during a recent interview on “Fox & Friends,” Steve Doocy, who’s one of the co-hosts of the show, asked Sheriff Napier, “I’m a little puzzled…Usually, when the federal government offers a county free money, they take it. What is your board of supervisors saying with this rejection?”

In response, the law enforcement official replied, “well it is puzzling because this same board of supervisors has accepted the grant for 12 prior years under republican administrations and democratic administrations, and now this year they’ve rejected that grant.”

Basically, this means that the city officials have had no problem using the funding for border security under the past two presidents, which suggests that what the funding would’ve been used on isn’t the reason for their rejection of the grant.

After pointing this out, the sheriff then went on to clarify why receiving the money is so important.

“That grant is fundamental to deploy resources into rural areas of our county that we can’t get to very often [and] that are traditionally exploited by transnational crime organizations,” explained Napier, adding, “to turn your nose up at this funding is just really unthinkable.”

He also mentioned that some of the money would have also gone to paying employees overtime so that they could work longer and keep the community safer. This means that without the money, it will be more difficult for the authorities in the area to protect others from dangerous criminals.

Consequently, if anyone ends up getting harmed or killed as a consequence, many agree that the liberal county officials would be at least partly responsible for the potentially avoidable tragedy since the additional funding may have helped prevent the individual from being victimized.  

When asked about whether or not the county’s decision would hinder cooperation between the authorities in the federal and the local government, the sheriff made it clear that it would not.

“I still fully intend to cooperate with our federal partners, we have a great relationship,” reasoned Napier before noting that such cooperation is absolutely “fundamental.”

Toward the end of the interview, Doocy surmised the whole ordeal by stating, “so sheriff, this is just a flat-out anti-Trump thing.”

Napier, who appeared to completely approve of his analysis, replied, “if we’ve accepted this grant money for the last 12 years, and nothing has fundamentally changed about the grant, what has changed? The only answer is the current presidential administration. So this is jeopardizing public safety for making a statement to our president and the current border policies.”

By asserting that the democrats’ decision to reject the federal funding jeopardize public safety, Napier seemed to be referring to the fact that while some illegal immigrants may not be dangerous, there are countless others who are.

A few weeks ago, for instance, 36-year-old Orlando Vilchez Lazo, who came to the United States illegally from Peru, was reportedly taken into custody by California law enforcement officials for allegedly assaulting at least four different women sexually while purportedly pretending to be a rideshare driver.

And several weeks before that, 21-year-old Carlos Melara, who’s an illegal alien and alleged member of the ruthless MS-13 gang from El Salvador, was convicted of participating in the disturbing murder of a 15-year-old boy in Massachusetts. According to reports, Melara apparently lured the teen to a park and then stabbed him to death in an ambush with the help of several other gang members when he arrived.

Prior to that, 18-year-old Miguel “Timido” Angel Lopez-Abrego, who’s also an illegal alien believed to be in MS-13, was arrested by authorities in Maryland for allegedly helping a few other gang members murder an unidentified man and leaving his body buried deep in the woods.

Sadly, the officials on the board of supervisors in Pima County are not the only liberals to recently jeopardize the safety of others with what many would recognize as an utterly absurd decision.

For example, earlier this year, Andrew Cuomo (D), who’s the governor of New York, signed an executive order making it possible for approximately 24,000 pedophiles, sex-offenders, and other criminals who are currently out on parole to once again vote in elections, including the recent primary that he just won.

What’s worse, under Cuomo’s executive order, the convicted criminals are also allowed to come onto school campuses after 7 PM to place their votes, but only if they have permission from their parole officer and an administrator at the school to do so.

Essentially, this means that residents, including the multitude of children who attend after-school activities, will now be put in danger every time there’s an election just so convicts can vote to change the law that they had previously broken.