PUBLISHED: 10:44 PM 10 May 2017

Arabic Taught In Public Schools With Tax Dollars, Water Fountains Used For Islamic Prayer Bath

Students across America being taught to write in Arabic.


Students across America being taught to write in Arabic.

The Arabic language is being taught in our public schools all across America, at the expense of taxpayers. Foundations such as Qatar Foundation International (QFI) promote Arabic learning in the U.S. to school districts by bribing them with grants and “other assistance.”

Since 2009, QFI has provided direct support to schools in the U.S. to establish or expand Arabic language programs in K-12 public and public charter schools. QFI has worked with public and public charter schools at the elementary, middle, and high school levels to develop, improve, and grow programs that expand access for students to learn about Arabic language and culture. Currently, QFI supports 25 schools in 8 states and Washington D.C., reaching over 2,400 students.

A mother in Minnesota was shocked to learn that her middle-school-aged son that attended a public school in Minneapolis, was forced to learn Arabic.

“When my oldest started middle school in Minneapolis, he was forced to take Arabic, it was/is a requirement to pass on to the next grade. I tried to argue with the school administration as I did not want him to get held back. However, I was told point blank that my son would not pass seventh and eighth grade unless he completed the required Arabic Language class.” The concerned mother stated.

“And that’s not even the worst of it”, she continued. “About a month after school started, my son came to me and asked if he could bring a couple bottles of water to school with him every day because all of the Islamic students used all the sinks and drinking fountains to wash their feet during their prayer time at school.”

Students at James Campbell High School in Hawaii learn Arabic.

But wait, prayer supposedly is not allowed within our public schools. Seems that “rule” only applies to Christians. Just some more hypocritical policies pushed by the liberal left’s finest.

Professor Brian Edwards, who teaches Middle East studies at Northwestern University, and is the founding director of the school’s Middle East and North African Studies Program, strongly supports and advocates for the teaching of the Arabic language within our schools. He believes it should be a national priority.

“I really think it should be a core subject,” Edwards stated on in an interview with WTTW, a PBS sponsored television network in Chicago.

He also said that because of the geopolitical engagements between the U.S. and the Middle East, learning Arabic could help bring about a better understanding of cultures. “Whether that leads to greater peace is something we can all hope for, but it seems that our primary place of understanding one another is to really have some appreciation for each other’s languages,” Edwards stated.

This goes far beyond teaching diversity as a means to a better understanding of cultures. You couple this teaching with other Islam lessons that are embedded within our children’s education and you have a complete indoctrination program, not an educational program.

Access Islam is funded by the Department of Education (DOE), promoted to teachers through PBS Learning Media, and was greatly expanded under the Obama administration. It teaches in-depth lessons on Islam, including Islamic scripture and how they can practice it in their daily lives.

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Kindergarteners learning the Arabic language through picture books.

Sanford middle school in Minneapolis, Minnesota does not even try to hide their pure indoctrination of their Islam agenda. They proudly display their Arabic language program on their website:

World Language: 6th graders will have one-quarter of Introduction to Spanish & one-quarter of Introduction to Arabic. Students will choose Arabic, Spanish, or Ojibwe to study for 7th & 8th-grade years.Arabic Course Options

Arabic Course Options

●      Arabic 1: This course is for 7th graders who are new to Arabic or had Intro to Languages in 6th grade.

●      Arabic 2: Offered to students who have previously studied Arabic.  Students will expand their vocabulary and add on it using different structures of the language.  They will also study the different places where Arabic is spoken. They will learn more about the customs and the cultures of the Arab speaking countries.

●      Advanced Arabic 3 (8th only): Students will build on their previous knowledge in Arabic and prepare to move into Arabic 2 in high school.

In Fairfax County, Virginia, high school Arabic has been taught since 2009. Apparently, there was a necessity for the class because Arabic is the language of the Quran and students were already studying that.

The U.S. government also helps through programs like STARTALK, which aims to increase the number of Americans learning and speaking Arabic.

As of 2013, 84 primary and secondary schools across the U.S. offered courses in Arabic. And just this fall in Nashville, Tennessee, several schools began teaching Arabic classes.

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Qatar Foundation International hosts a teaching and learning forum.

QFI also supports two Arabic immersion programs at schools in Texas and New York.

In September 2013, the New York City Department of Education (DOE) launched a dual language Arabic program. The program will expand each year to become a full K-8 dual-language Arabic program.

In August 2015, the Houston Independent School District (HISD) launched a dual language Arabic school (AIMS). Students come from 40 different zip codes. AIMS will add a grade level each year and will eventually be a PK – 5 school.

Tolerance and acceptance in America have reached a new dangerous level; complete Islam indoctrination of our children.