Fake News Exposed

PUBLISHED: 8:09 PM 9 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 1:11 PM 10 Jul 2018

AP Exposed For Lying About Trump Admin Removing Immigrants From Army

The Associated Press falsely claimed the Trump administration was "kicking out" immigrants from the U.S. Army.

Obama's administration was involved in shuttering the program, not the Trump administration.

The Associated Press falsely claimed that President Donald Trump‘s administration has been kicking out immigrants from the U.S. Army who were promised citizenship. The fake news story scorched across social media, with CNN flacks like Ana Navarro and others smearing the president with false information and calling him “heartless.”

The story, titled, “U.S. Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits,” claimed that the Trump administration was deliberately kicking out immigrants from the Army after promising them citizenship in America. The AP fails to make two major admissions: the program was halted under the Obama administration in 2014 and 2016 amid security concerns; and the Trump administration only “booted” 40 immigrants because they could not be fully vetted.

Despite the AP’s latest attempt to smear Trump, the real news is that the program was halted twice because former President Barack Obama‘s administration was busted for allowing illegal aliens to enter the ranks of the U.S. Army so they would be eligible for the citizenship.

The program became so rampant with issues and security risks that the Pentagon had to shut it down a second time in 2016, finding that the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program created a vacuum for illegal immigrants to join the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest program.

As noted by Politico, it was a major bureaucratic screw-up by the Obama administration and allowed countless illegal aliens — who weren’t all vetted — to join the Army and become eligible for citizenship without going through many of the proper channels to ensure they didn’t have criminal records or ties to criminal groups.

In late 2014, Politico notes that the Army was forced to suspend the MAVNI program after the Obama administration’s direction put the U.S. military at risk. The Pentagon shuttered it again in 2016 after many of the same issues and concerns continued to arise.

Also, the AP conveniently failed to note that the Trump administration only removed 40 immigrants from the U.S. Army out of the 10,000 it currently has serving in the program.

A report from The Goldwater reveals the 40 immigrants were removed from the program for a myriad of reasons, such as they were unable to complete basic training, their background could not be fully vetted by the Pentagon, or that they weren’t fully safeguarded by the DACA program.

The AP’s report has come under heavy fire from many conservatives, but not many in the liberal media have even bothered with the story because they aren’t interested in anything that doesn’t fit the destroy-Trump narrative.

In fact, the AP’s outrage over the program for “neglecting immigrants” and not allowing all of them to gain access to citizenship should be directed at the Obama administration. They allowed the program to get so bad that it had to shut down twice in two years because they were allowing so many immigrants into the program that were not completely vetted by the U.S. government.

Imagine if just half of those 40 immigrants had ties to drug cartels, and then were given the top equipment and weaponry in the world by the U.S. Army. Many soldiers would be in serious trouble and at risk of being attacked.

Of course, the AP won’t issue a correction or apology because facts don’t matter when they only push an anti-Trump agenda.