Antifa Terrorism

PUBLISHED: 10:48 AM 8 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 5:08 PM 8 Jul 2018

Antifa Terrorizes Judge’s Neighborhood, Children Terrified After Doxing

The website published the address, beginning the terror.

Antifa, angered that a judge set someone's bail at only $250,000 unsecured bond, decided that an appropriate response was to cause a commotion in his neighborhood, then block an intersection and terrorize children.

It seems like the left has been invigorated to act in a violent matter since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Surely, the media had a role to play, as did a number of politicians and ‘experts’ who made absurd claims about how ‘bad’ the country would be or is under President Trump, but there are a few groups that seem dedicated to utilizing violence for political means.

One such group is Antifa, which stands for ‘Anti-Fascist,’ a loosely-organized group of radical leftists (generally socialists or communist) who like to use violence or the threat of violence to get their way. Basically, they operate as terrorists. Recently, they not only published the address of a judge they didn’t like to their leftist website, they also invaded his suburban neighborhood and scared local children while trying to harass him.

Antifa targeted Judge Jeffrey Manning because they didn’t like that he set the bail on a particular case ‘too low.’

Manning gave a ‘light’ bail of $250,000 unsecured bond to a police officer in Pittsburgh who shot and killed a ‘black’ teenager on June 19.

The officer was charged with criminal homicide and released on the aforementioned bond.

Rather than accept that the judge likely had his reasons for setting the bond, and realizing that Antifa is not exactly ‘filled’ with legal experts, they decided instead to find his home address and post it online, on the popular leftist website ‘It’s Going Down.’

Then Antifa decided to show up to the neighborhood on Independence Day.

According to an ‘anonymous confession’ that seemed more like bragging on the same website where the address was posted, 35 members of the hard-left group went to the his ‘cul-de-sac neighborhood’ “feeling empowered and ready to storm” the judge’s neighborhood.

By their own account, 35 people marched through the neighborhood in two lines, some wearing masks, others not, and everyone with their fist in the air.

When the police showed up, the masked leftists “got out just fine,” as they were already onto the second part of their plan, which was to block traffic at a nearby intersection.

They shut down the intersection at Connor and Gilkerson Road, right in front of a mall and a “main route to various suburbanite” parties for the Fourth of July.

According to their claims on the website, they shut down the intersection with the help of a semi-truck driver who was ‘down’ with their hardcore leftist cause, and who parked his car just right so that people couldn’t exit the area.

The leftists celebrated the fact that due to their actions (and the assistance of a truck driver who hopefully lost his job since then), a number of ‘nice’ cars were damaged trying to hop the median and get away from their insanity.

The bragging on the website goes on to say that one woman almost drove through a group of five of the protestors, but didn’t manage to, and instead was stuck while the leftist protestors mocked her.

They also joked about how the police asked them to leave because they were terrifying small children who were stuck in cars.

The protestors seemed to think it was extremely funny that small children, who have done nothing wrong to them and have no power whatsoever, were terrified and stuck in cars in the 95-degree heat.

Below is a tweet from the group concerning their action and how proud they seemed to be of themselves.

Once again, the left doesn’t seem to mind the way that their followers threaten people who they disagree with.

Of course, it’s only to be expected that they would act this way. Antifa has used violence across the United States, from Pennsylvania to California to Oregon and more, and repeatedly gotten their way.

In fact, most of the time, they manage to force people they don’t like to cancel their events, or their speeches, or their rallies, or whatever the case may be.

When people like Maxine Waters call for leftists in socialist enclaves like California to harass and confront those with whom they disagree, it simply gives Antifa carte blanche to act however they want to without any fear of retribution.

When cities filled with leftists don’t arrest them for their violence, or for threatening people, or for blocking traffic, it just motivates them to do it again.

So, when the left wants to wonder why politics has gotten so violent and so dirty, maybe they can start by looking at themselves and the way that their side likes to encourage violence.