Antifa Takes Over Streets

PUBLISHED: 3:41 PM 9 Oct 2018

Antifa Takes Over Portland, Chases Elderly Man Down Street For Disobeying

A group of Antifa members chased down an elderly man, screamed at him, and kicked his car when he wouldn't obey their orders.

Antifa scum chase down elderly man.

A massive group of Antifa and Black Lives Matter ‘rioters’ in Portland, Oregon, confronted, harassed, and chased down an elderly man in his car on Saturday when he refused to submit to their traffic orders.

Video clips from the scene show several Antifa members stopping traffic, and refusing to let some people drive down certain streets. They were blocking traffic from where they were holding a demonstration, and police in the liberal-controlled city apparently did nothing about it.

This is insurrection, and the videos are chilling.

As noted by Breitbart, the far-left group attempted to shut down part of the city for a demonstration, and its members didn’t like seeing people exercise their Constitutional rights to go against what they wanted.

In one clip, Antifa members can be seen stopping an elderly man when he pulled up to a stop sign.

“Just go that way,” a woman yells at the man. When he responded, she can be heard yelling, “Because I told you to!”

When one of the members appears to have tried to block him from taking a right hand turn, a mob of liberals can be seen trying to kick his car.

“Yeah, you little white little f**ker!” another man shouted, wearing a black hoodie to conceal his identity, despite trying to act like a tough guy to an elderly man.

The Antifa goons then accuse the driver of “blocking traffic,” despite the fact that they were literally standing in the middle of the street preventing cars from moving.

In typical liberal fashion, the Antifa members then accused the driver of being a “white supremacist.”

“Go back to North Carolina where you came from. We don’t need your KKK in Portland Oregon!” the man in the hoodie shouted.

“You’re lucky you didn’t hit me I’d have beat your a**!” another leftist yelled at the driver.

Such complete an utter lack of self-recognition indicates to many people that these ‘protestors’ are mentally ill. They are Nazis, taking over the streets.

The man then drove his car down the street. When the group chased him down, they appeared to hit his car, and he can be seen getting out to confront them.

When a handful of goons show up, one can be seen holding what appears to be a nightstick. Others can be heard yelling hysterically, screaming, and smacking his car before he gets back in, and drives away.

Antifa is a violent group of hardcore leftists who wear masks, riot gear, and seek to inflict violence against anyone who supports President Donald Trump… in fact, they are very like the democrat-run KKK.

In the United States alone, there are tens of thousands of deranged liberals who are members of this domestic terror group. They have made it a top priority to torment, harass, and assault Trump supporters in public.

Group members wear masks so they protect their identity (like the KKK), because their behavior is so abhorrent and chilling that they are afraid to show their own face in public.

When Antifa holds a rally or event in an area, they seek conflict, destroy property, and try to confront anyone who opposes their message. They often try to outnumber people, and often the group cowardly singles out one or two people and tries to intimidate them.

On a large scale, this left-wing group only abides by their own rules, assumes no responsibility for assaulting Trump supporters, and destroys cities simply because they are triggered by something.

And, if there was ever a more apt reason to prosecute these thugs, many agree the video clips showing them confronting, harassing, and chasing down an elderly men makes the perfect case for holding them accountable for their dangerous actions.

Watch the two video clips below: