Antifa Rioters Win

PUBLISHED: 4:45 PM 2 Jul 2018

Antifa Riot Leads to Arrests, Silences Conservative Event

Once again, Antifa uses the 'thug's veto' to shut down a legal event, and receives little punishment for doing so.

Antifa managed to utilize the 'thug's veto' once again to silence speech which they don't agree with, aided and abetted by the local government.

Portland has had its fair share of protests that turned ugly in recent history, and the latest ‘counter-protest’ by Antifa is just another example of what happens when the extremist left takes to the streets, often egged on by socialist politicians.

The Antifa ‘response’ to a march in Portland hosted by the “Patriot Prayer” group quickly devolved into violence, and eventually, local police had to declare the event a ‘riot’ and shut it down. It’s sad to see any group, forced to bow to Antifa rioters who want to silence them. Between the radical left and its media and government allies, it seems like there’s no free speech to be found in Portland, Oregon, for those accused of wrongthink. Just accusations about ‘far-right’ instigation.

Apparently, all you have to do to achieve your political goals in Portland, is have enough people ready to bully others, cause a chaotic riot.

Patriot Prayer, a ‘pro-free-speech’ group, organized their protest properly, obtaining a permit from the city and making a plan to hold a rally for the group’s founder and current U.S. Senate candidate for the state of Washington, Joey Gibson.

On Saturday, the day of the rally, the event began at 4 p.m. local time. For the first two hours, everything was peaceful. However, at 6 p.m., the rally moved into Third Avenue to begin their march through the city’s streets, for which they had a permit, and pandemonium ensued.

Antifa ‘counter-protestors’ began assailing the protesters, throwing eggs, fireworks, water bottles, rocks, and everything else that they had at hand. Acting less like a ‘protest’ and more like a violent mob (which seems standard for the socialist and communist group), they began assaulting the conservative marchers.

Eventually, police had to respond by firing pepper balls, paintballs filled with capsaicin pepper spray instead of paint, into the crowd.

Even before the protest turned ugly, Portland police officers seized anything that could be used as a weapon by many people on both sides of the vent.

During the riot, police arrested four people, though none were arrested for their conduct that day.

Tusitala Toese, commonly known as ‘Tiny,’ and Donovon Flippo, were both arrested at the site of the event, and Terry Schrunk Plaza was arrested concerning an alleged assault that took place in Portland earlier in June.

Luiz Marquez was taken into law enforcement custody on multiple charges, including theft and assault, for his role in the June 3, counter-protest which saw four other individuals arrested.

Matthew Braddock was also arrested on a number of charges related to robbery and assault for an investigation that began more than a month ago.

As the riot turned ugly, the city of Portland (specifically, the Portland Police Bureau), revoked Patriot Prayer’s permit, and closed down Chapman and Lonsdale squares. Four people were taken to the hospital after being struck by various missiles, and one police officer was injured and received medical treatment.

After the event was shut down by the city government, Patriot Prayer attendees found themselves stranded. Many had come to the rally on busses, which were not scheduled to return for nearly an hour, at 7:30 p.m.

According to claims on the ground, Antifa outnumbered the Patriot Prayer members by as much as two to one.

Gibson’s speech, at the very least, went off without a hitch. During it, he talked about his desire to bring “light into a city” which he believes is full of “darkness.” He also criticized Portland’s Mayor, Ted Wheeler, and Oregon’s governor, Kate Brown.

The violence, instigated by Antifa, and the four Antifa arrests, is nothing new for the loosely-organized leftist organization.

Antifa tends to show up in any area with an extremely left-leaning population, assaulting those who disagree with them and working to prevent any sort of event organized by anyone with whom they have political agreements.

This is, of course, the same kind of leftist mob that rioted to stop Milo Yiannopoulos and Ben Shapiro from being able to speak at college campuses, declaring them ‘fascists’ or ‘Nazis.’

Antifa tends to utilize something colloquially known as the ‘thug’s veto,’ a variant on the ‘heckler’s veto.’

The ‘heckler’s veto’ involves protestors showing up to an event and yelling, pulling fire alarms, and otherwise disrupting it, making it impossible for the event to continue due to constant interruptions.

Basically, these anti-fascists use fascist techniques to carry out their terror… Hitler would be proud.

Antifa uses force to gain an event’s cancellation by threatening mayhem or rioting. This leads police to cancel permits, schools to cancel events out of ‘safety concerns,’ and otherwise utilizes violence and a risk-averse (or outright biased) government to undermine the right to freely assemble.

Once again, a handful of Antifa members were arrested, but for the vast majority, no punishment was handed out, and they will be back next time to once again disrupt an otherwise peaceful protest with violence.