PUBLISHED: 4:19 PM 29 Aug 2017
UPDATED: 10:05 PM 29 Aug 2017

AntiFa Protesters Unveil New Chant As They Call For Total End

ANTIFA chant for an end to all as they wish for "No America."

ANTIFA chant for an end to all as they wish for "No America."

ANTIFA chant for an end to all as they wish for “No America.”

We are told that ANTIFA exists only to fight NAZIs. Let us pretend that the line is true. For thinking people, that is going to be a stretch, but do your best. Now, fighting NAZIs is tied to destroying the United States how? After all, America and Russia sealed the fate of the NAZIs and ANTIFA detests both. Russia is hated because leftists buy the lie that Putin helped Trump and they hate America because such groups are tied to big money like Geroge Soros, at least by proxy.

Now the Gateway Pundit is showing the world that, this wonderful group that openly attacked praying Christians at a recent rally, has shown their true colors. ANTIFA and the left are now chanting, “No Trump, No Wall, No USA at All!” Their new chant calls for an end to it the very nation and all that it stands for.

No U.S.A.? Fighting NAZIS (who in the real world is now defined as anyone who isn’t a socialist) is somehow tied to the obliteration of our country.

This “grassroots” movement to stop the K.K.K. (of which America suffers only about 6,000 members) is now chanting for the fall of the U.S. This is not about race, this a communist revolution like the one that ruined Cuba.

Hector Morenco, a conservative independent in California has posted some rather disturbing footage and writes, “Antifa’s stated objective is to overthrow the social & governmental structures of Western Civilization. They are operating with impunity.”

ANTIFA has been seen being allowed to attack people with no action from the police to stop them. Meanwhile, if a conservative so much as bumps into someone, they may get the baton treatment from both sides.

How long will America, even those opposed to President Trump, not see that this is a communist takeover of the country that is being planned right before our very eyes?

This has nothing to do with NAZIs and it never did. What few pinheads that are white supremacists were marched out ON PURPOSE because they garner a knee-jerk reaction that says, “Oh, NAZIs. If ANTIFA is against NAZIs, I am with ANTIFA,” and that simply is not the case.

This is ANTIFA against conservatives, libertarians, classical liberals, and anyone who honors the American flag.

Make no mistake about it.

Source: The Gateway Pundit