PUBLISHED: 4:32 PM 15 Sep 2017
UPDATED: 6:45 PM 15 Sep 2017

AntiFa Protester Tells Tucker They’re “Justified” In Attacking People

We can only wonder what other rights ANTIFA will grant themselves.

We can only wonder what other rights ANTIFA will grant themselves.

We can only wonder what other rights ANTIFA will grant themselves.

The Conservative Daily Post has published a lot of stories about leftists feeling that they have rights which they simply do not have. They claim the right to open our borders and those who’ve strolled in illegally claim the right to stay, even to vote! They think that the right exists to limit free speech, and now, one professor believes that the right is his to beat someone up who isn’t in line with his worldview, the Gateway Pundit reports.

Mike Isaacson is an ANTIFA member and a COLLEGE PROFESSOR at John Jay College of criminal justice. He actually teaches young minds about the law. That does not stop him from encouraging others to be criminals as he tells Tucker Carlson that if communities feel threatened, then they are justified in attacking someone. He is ON CAMERA justifying violence.

Now granted, if someone looks like an ANTIFA member hiding behind a mask with a baseball bat fused with nails, then perhaps the argument holds water. If, however, one is talking about most of the “NAZIs” who they attack which is really just Mr. Average American with no racist views or proclivity towards violence, then according to Isaacson, fighting is still a right.

Regardless of what one feels about the hateful Richard Spencer, under the Constitution, he has the right to speak. Isaacson only half agrees and says that he does not “have the right to speak unopposed.”

That is not America. That, rather, that is NAZI Germany, which they claim to be against. Idiots have always spoken in the U.S. because we have a First Amendment for them, too.

The K.K.K. has had rallies since their inception and the movie “The Blues Brothers” even clowns the foolish new-NAZI protests which were happening many decades ago.

The fear here is that if Spencer, as foul as he can be, is not allowed to speak, then who is to say that one day, someone won’t say that Issacson may not speak?

Either the U.S. has a Constitution or it does not.

The best thing to do if a fool is speaking is not to fight and bring attention to him or her (as people come to see the fight, read it in the news, see it on tv, etc), but to not show up. No one covers a speaker who fails to draw a crowd.

It is that simple.

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