Antifa Disrupts Libertarian Event

PUBLISHED: 8:44 PM 6 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 7:13 PM 9 Mar 2018

Antifa Mob Uses Violence & Smoke Bombs To Shut Down Free Speech Event

They stormed into the venue and used violence and intimidation to silence those they disagree with.

Just recently, a talk between Ayn Rand Institute Director Dr Yaron Brook and controversial YouTube personality Carl Benjamin, otherwise known as “Sargon of Akkad,” was disrupted by a violent mob of masked leftists associated with “Antifa”.

Earlier this week, Ayn Rand Institute Director Dr. Yaron Brook and controversial YouTube personality Carl Benjamin, otherwise known as  “Sargon of Akkad,” attempted to give a talk about free speech at King’s College London in England.

Infuriatingly, though, several minutes into the event, which was organized by King’s College London’s Libertarian Society, a violent mob of masked leftists associated with “Antifa,” which is a far-left domestic terrorist group known for using violence against those they disagree with politically, were filmed by several bystanders storming in and disrupting the event.

In the videos that were taken, roughly 10 people wearing all black can be seen rushing into the venue while the school’s fire alarm wails in the background. At the front of the group, which was shouting incoherently, one of the thugs repeatedly waved around their well-known black and red flag.

Once inside, they then stormed onto the stage and promptly assaulted both Brook and Benjamin as well as the moderator. Outraged, several audience members stormed up to the protesters and began fighting back. At one point during the ensuing chaos, the protester carrying the flag can be seen losing possession of it. 

After the protesters were removed, the remaining crowd then celebrated defeating the violent thugs and capturing their flag. Unfortunately, however, due to threats made to the moderator, they were unable to continue on with their libertarian event about free speech.

After it was canceled, the North London Antifa published a post on Facebook praising those who participated in the disruption. “Tonight a group of student and anti-fascist activists successfully shut down an ‘alt-right’ talk at King’s College,” they stated. 

“Here’s alt-right mouthpiece ‘Sargon of Akkad’ after he was forced to leave the building, no platform for him tonight!” they added, referring to an attached picture of him standing outside the venue.

Benjamin, however, was left unfazed by the incident. In fact, upon reading the North London Antifa’s post on Facebook, he mocked their post by sharing it along with a caption stating, “I have your flag, cucks,” making it clear that he’s not afraid of them.

The King’s College London Libertarian Society, though, still made a point to condemn the reprehensible conduct of the violent protesters.

“Tonight, a real tragedy for free speech and student activism occurred on campus,” they began in a statement posted to Facebook.

“Speakers Yaron and Carl were invited this evening to discuss and debate their conflicting ideas. The event was meant to be academic, philosophical and open to criticism. In response, an aggressive group of Antifa thugs broke into the university, with what we assume is cooperation from the far-left student societies who organized the protest,” they explained.  

“Security guards, speakers, and attendees were assaulted. Smoke bombs were set off. The university, as a place of learning, was defiled. We demand that the 7 student societies who called for the speakers to stay ‘off-campus’ take responsibility for the violence they have caused,” they continued.

“We will not allow such events to deter us from our mission to protect free speech on campus,” they added, noting, “we will continue to actively call for a campus environment where words and ideas do not lead to violence.”

Disturbingly, this wasn’t the only event to be recently disrupted by radical leftist extremists. In Portland, Oregon, for instance, student protesters at Lewis and Clark College recently barged into a Law School speaking event featuring feminist critic Christina Hoff Sommers and proceeded to shout her down.

A similar incident also just took place at Queens University in Ontario, Canada. Specifically, during a speaking event featuring Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, clinical psychologist and professor and Toronto University, several student protesters were caught on video trying to disrupt the event.

In one extremely chilling video taken at the event, for example, a protester can be seen attempting to break into the venue through the building’s stain-glass windows.

“It was absolutely surreal,” wrote Peterson on Twitter shortly after the event. “The mob neglected to bring torches and pitchforks, but the sentiment was there: ‘Lock them in and burn it down,'” he added.

And earlier this month, when Townhall editor and conservative author Guy Benson gave a talk at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, it, too, was protested by numerous liberal students, who claimed that Benson’s “fiscal conservatism and free-market ideology” enable “white supremacist and fascist ideas to fester and flourish.”

Fortunately, though, unlike what happened at King’s College London, the event at Brown University was largely a success, at least according to Benson. “So: The @BrownUniversity event went quite well. Great crowd, fun experience, and solid questions — especially from students who don’t share my views. This is how it should go! Thanks, Brown community, @yaf, and @BrownURepubs,” he tweeted shortly speaking at the school.

In a follow-up tweet, he added, “FWIW, I’m told there was a walkout by a handful of students (which they supposedly live-streamed lol)…I didn’t notice, but that’s a perfectly acceptable response to speech one may deem objectionable. I certainly prefer the approach of those who toughed it out and asked Q’s!”

Violent extremism must not be allowed to continue. Hopefully, those who disrupted the event at King’s College London and anyone else who uses intimidation, aggression, and destruction to silence and intimidate others are identified and ultimately punished as harshly to make it clear that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.