Old Man Arrested

PUBLISHED: 1:30 PM 29 Mar 2021
UPDATED: 7:22 PM 29 Mar 2021

Antifa Cheers As Old Man Defending Himself From Mob Is Arrested By Oregon Cops

After being attacked, finally the man defends himself and is rewarded with an arrest by police, while antifa thugs cheer.

This is the country now. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

In the carnage and destruction that occurred this weekend in Salem, Oregon, apparently, the biggest threat was from an old man who armed, defended himself from potential death at the hands of the Antifa mob.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

During a patriotic cruise through Salem, Oregon, several black bloc clad antifa terrorists turned out to head off what they, for some reason, think are a bunch of racist white supremacists, one old man got caught up in fray. His truck was pummeled by debris, shattering windows and hitting him. As he gets out of his truck, the terrorists continue to throw objects at him as they close in. Surrounded and under direct threat, the old man draws his pistol and racks a round.

Now the big bad antifa thugs realize they’ve messed with the wrong guy, and they quickly back away, while continuing to yell at him.

Seconds later police come running in. Not to head off the violent antifa thugs, no no. After all, this is Oregon we’re talking about here. Cops draw their weapons and order the old man to the ground. He tosses his gun into the bed of his pickup truck as he hits the ground, arms outstretched. Riot cops come running as the old man is ordered to stay down and lock his fingers above his head.

The antifa militants cheer on the police as the old man is arrested. All for not wanting to become the victim of further violence from antifa.

There are multiple video angles of the incident.

Interesting that this Twitter user refers to the “far right” as being the cowards, yet apparently has no issue with gangs of able bodied 20’s somethings of antifa ganging up on an old man. That’s somehow not cowardly.

The arresting officer appears to be Senior Trooper Oxenrider.

These cops seemingly had no issue with the antifa thugs lobbing all sorts of rocks and paint balloons at vehicles throughout the afternoon, as the police were nowhere to be seen during all of that, which happened right out front of the state capitol building. The cops showed up after the fact to declare an unlawful assembly and chase everyone away.

UPDATE: Evidently the man was released from custody and allowed to return to his truck. It is unknown if he was cited or what, but police were talking to him as the contact came to a close. We will keep an on this and follow up if needed.