Antifa Burns Memorial

PUBLISHED: 6:52 PM 14 Mar 2018

Antifa Burns Posters Honoring Officer Killed By Illegal Alien

They claimed tearing down hundreds.

This situation happened on Sunday, and the protests against it didn’t wait too long to appear.

As reported by the Daily Caller, an Arizona Antifa chapter decided to boost its infamous reputation by burning a poster that honored a police officer killed by an illegal immigrant.

This situation happened on Sunday, and the protests against it didn’t wait too long to appear. The most visible was the one organized by Unite America First, which compared Antifa to the Ku Klux Klan by pointing out that “They changed their hoods from white hoods to black hoods!”

Naturally, we’re talking about another delicate case in which the radical left-wing group is showing that it is willing to commit the most despicable actions.

After all, following the modus operandi of almost every single terrorist organization, Antifa knows that it will get more notoriety by committing not only criminal acts but also the types of actions that create indignation among those that don’t support them.

According to DC, the Arizona Antifa chapter called Antifascist Action Phoenix claimed to remove “hundreds” of posters at Arizona State University depicting persons killed by illegal immigrants.

Of course, the reason of these posters was to raise concern about the problems that the uncontrolled illegal immigration is creating in this state.

Considering that Antifa pushes every single talking point that the mainstream media and the Democratic Party have always supported, it wasn’t a big surprise that the violent group decided to take this move.

Apparently, the radical leftist group burned at least one of the posters that featured Brandon Mendoza.

As everyone knows, this was a brave police officer who got killed by an illegal immigrant driving the wrong way down a road.

This was a really controversial case considering the details of it. As you can imagine, it created another polarizing moment in which both sides of the political spectrum had very different opinions.

Lamentably, it was also another moment that clearly displayed the concerning division that the American society has been experiencing from a couple of years now.

However, even where this wasn’t exactly something new, what Antifa did was so offensive and unnecessary that it turned the political debate into a horror show.

Glorifying their despicable act on Facebook, the Antifascist Action Phoenix said that the group “successfully” removed hundreds of “racist” posters and symbols. Believe it or not, they also said that after making that action, they had a “nice barbecue.”

In addition to these stupidities, the Facebook statement also admitted that the group removed pictures of individuals who had been killed by illegal immigrants.

In a clear display of political immaturity, Antifa said that no one in this world is illegal. Also, they claimed that cherry picking “3 cases” out of millions to a “racist agenda is bulls##t.”

After making that statement on Facebook, the Antifa group then went to Twitter in order to post some controversial images in which the name Mendoza, his May 12, 2014 date of death, and a #NeverForget can be seen.

Naturally, it was an irresponsible and provocative action in which the radical leftist group celebrated the death of this police officer.

As reported by DC, the group Unite America First hung the fliers of Mendoza in order to honor his bravery and to raise concern about the threats of illegal immigration.

In addition, this group hung posters of Kate Steinle, who got shot by an illegal immigrant who was previously deported five times from the country.

Also, they hung posters of convenience store employee Grant Ronnebeck, who got shot by an illegal immigrant robber.

As you can imagine, Antifa quickly moved to remove each of these fliers. Fortunately, members of Unite America First live streamed a video depicting the removal of the fliers.

The video also shows an Antifa member getting arrested by the police, who were contacted at the moment the leftist group started to remove the fliers.

According to DC, Unite America First has always shown its concern over illegal immigration. As a matter of fact, one of this group’s organizers told the media outlet that parents of Americans slain by illegal immigrants are now forced to visit their children at the graveside, which represents the most unspeakable injustice.

In addition, this person said that he cannot understand why the democrats keep talking about the dreams of illegal immigrants but refuse to say anything about the dreams of their victims.