NBC Ignores Attack

PUBLISHED: 5:13 PM 13 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 9:49 PM 13 Aug 2018

Antifa Attacks Reporter, Network Ignores It

When leftist protestors assaulted a cameraman, the network didn't show the footage of the assault, and didn't even talk about it, instead calling it 'heckling'.

When Antifa attacked a NBC reporter at their protest on Saturday, it seems that the network simply wasn't interested in the story.

Over the weekend, Antifa was out on the street to ‘counter-protest’ the ‘Unite the Right 2’ rally, which was held in Washington D.C.’s Lafayette Park. Antifa held their own event, which they called ‘Shut It Down DC,’ and which had a number of associated events across the country, including one held in Charlottesville, Virginia.

According tot footage, the event in Charlottesville didn’t feature the ‘anti-fascists’ bravely standing up to white supremacists, though. Instead, they chanted anti-police slogans, and even went after and assaulted a crew of NBC reporters who dared to show up and cover their event. In response, NBC made a cryptic comment about how their news crew was heckled, and never mentioned the assault at all. Somehow the violent attack was simply ‘heckling.’

The rally held in Charlottesville on Saturday, which was allegedly about quashing ‘radicalization,’ the ‘rise’ of ‘white supremacy,’ and a supposed memorial for the deceased Heather Heyer, began with anti-police chants and ended with violence, as seems to be the norm with Antifa.

They chanted things proclaiming that all cops are racist, or that “cops and the Klan go hand-in-hand,” and even tried to tie the police to the protestors at the rally last year, who were angry that the city was bowing to leftist pressure and removing a statue of Robert E. Lee.

Of course, the Klan also wore masks and used violence.

Perhaps most interestingly of all, the extreme-left Antifa and associated protestors decided to target a member of the media during the protest.

This marks an interesting reality that is far different than claims from some in the mainstream media that President Donald Trump is fomenting anger against them, which ‘could’ become violence.

NBC News reporter Cal Perry was on the scene to cover the leftist ‘protest,’ and it seems that they didn’t care for the fact that his cameraman was taking pictures of their event.

Perry posted a video that showed Antifa being “very aggressive” with the media, specifically his cameraman. In the video, it seems that the leftist protestors were trying to either block or knock down the cameraman’s camera.

A second video, posted less than fifteen minutes later, showed an aggressive protestor who shouted “f**k you, snitch-a** news b***h,” before shoving the camera again.

Of course, a story about protestors going after news reporters who are only doing their jobs would normally be big news.

CNN’s Chris Acosta managed to turn being heckled at a Trump rally into a news story more than once in recent history, after all, and he used such stories to back up his narrative that the President’s condemnation of mainstream media outlets was going to turn violent.

Somehow, though, NBC ignored the story on its Sunday Today show, and instead simply said that the leftists ‘heckled’ reporters.

Instead of showing the violent Antifa mob targeting a reporter, the channel decided to go to Garrett Haake, who was in Washington D.C., waiting to report on whatever happened at the ‘Unite the Right 2’ rally, where only around two dozen ‘white supremacists’ ever showed up.

At the top of his report on what had occurred in Charlottesville, Haake declared that there were “far left protesters heckling the media” and chanting slogans that were anti-police in nature, but made no mention of the cameraman being attacked.

Chuck Todd, who has shown his willingness to give Antifa a platform in the past, appeared on Sunday Today, and completely ignored the assault on an NBC crew as well.

Instead, Todd decried the president’s treatment of the NFL’s kneeling protestors, who have resumed their posturing since the pre-season has begun, and suggested that the administration is ‘generously’ utilizing racist ‘dog whistles,’ a suggestion that the president and his supporters are racist.

This is not the first time that Antifa has targeted people who were recording their actions, including an incident where they attacked an off-duty cameraman in Richmond, Virginia, and then said he was ‘out of line,’ as if that was some sort of excuse.

Tim Pool, a conservative commentator who has videotaped a number of Antifa events, has also been assaulted repeatedly at such rallies, including one in Boston.

While the left is crowing that Donald J. Trump calling them ‘fake news’ and the “enemy of the people” will lead to violence, Antifa and its hard-left allies are actually committing such violence.

The left-leaning media just doesn’t seem to be interested in talking about it.

Maybe Antifa members are targeting the media out of fear that they will be identified while they’re screaming about police, or while they’re smashing shop windows and upending garbage cans… just like the Klan.

Perhaps they just don’t want to be identified while they’re attempting to vandalize the windows of places like the Marine Corps Recruiting Office in Berkeley, California.

Whatever the case, it’s time that Antifa be taken to task by members of the media for perpetrating the violence that people like Todd and Acosta seem to be terrified will come from the right.

The media’s refusal to condemn, or even discuss these actions, is just more proof of the left-leaning hypocrisy in much of America’s mainstream media today.