Antifa Defends Instructor Assaulting Student

PUBLISHED: 12:49 AM 17 Feb 2018

Antifa And Professors Defend Graduate Instructor Who Assaulted Student

They call him an outstanding instructor.

The University of Illinois is defending a violent instructor.

As American culture and the basic tenants of self-respect take a nose dive, we are finding ourselves in a world where even our students are not safe. Safe spaces exist for those who “feel” threatened when they are not while those students who face an actual threat are relegated to almost second class citizens.

Campus Reform shows us how bad the problem has gotten as ANTIFA came out in “support of a graduate instructor who was arrested last year for assaulting two students at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.” This is one of the hate groups which have publically said that violence is acceptable if the views of the person being attacked are not what they would call acceptable.

We are told that “instructor Tariq Khan had stolen and vandalized the phone of one student” and tried to punch another during an anti-Trump protest. This is a travesty because the very reason that our Constitution exists as it does is to prevent this kind of thing from being necessary.

One of the students from Turning Point USA (TPUSA) had said asked if Khan had “nothing better to do.” When he followed it up with, “don’t you have children?” instead of stating that his case, he “charged” the student.

While the excitement and rush of a protest have led to such encounters before, for ANTIFA or anyone else to praise the outburst is anything but comforting.

The wrath of Khan was not finished as he also charged two other students saying that they were “threatening his children before physically accosting them.

The violent man was arrested by campus police “and issued a notice to appear in court for criminal damage to property.”

Rather than demanding an apology, the Campus Antifascist Network (CAN), a group created by two left-leaning students, began to heap praise on the detestable actions of Khan.

The group declared, “condemns in the strongest possible terms the campaign of vilification and harassment directed at Tariq Khan, a doctoral student in the History Department at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, instigated and sponsored by Turning Point USA (TPUSA) and its associated media arm, Campus Reform.

There again we see that just sponsoring viewpoints which do not align with ANTIFA is enough for them to act like heathens and attack others.

CAN also said, “Since November 2017, Tariq Khan has been receiving a torrent of abusive and hateful emails, and the disciplinary charges against him would essentially strip his status as a Ph.D. candidate in good standing, which, in turn, could jeopardize his ability to secure funding to complete his program.”

Well, perhaps that is what happens when a teacher attacks a student. Somehow, the Campus Antifascist Network has missed this very valid point in Illinois.

They ramble on about how the school needs to support those standing by Khan and basically make a myriad of excuses for why this was somehow justified.

These types of people fail to recall the progress that was made by men like Martin Luther King Jr. who refused to bow to such actions. They forget the founders and what they envisioned in terms of protest and they certainly never cared to learn about what Jesus Christ said about solving problems.

Instead, they act like the very people who nailed Him to the cross! This should be worrisome even to those opposed to the Bible, our founders, and even Mr. King because this affects us today.

If we forsake the very precepts that have worked to make America a peaceful society even when we do not agree with one another, then the outcome will something too terrible to contemplate.

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