Anti-Muslim Leader Converts

PUBLISHED: 12:27 AM 1 Feb 2018

Anti-Muslim Party Member Abandons Ship, Member Converts And Blames Protestant Church

He doesn’t like where the Protestant church is headed but Islam is even worse.

Members of the far right group are not happy at all.

In the Bible, the last book talks about the fallen church of the end times, a fulfillment of prophesy that some feel is happening today. There are many ways which this can be addressed, both scripturally and extra-biblically, but what one German man of God has done has to be one of the worst options ever heard of!

For starters, this member of the “anti-Muslim Alternative for Germany party (AfD)” converted to Islam, which is like a NAZI converting to Judaism while adorned in a white hood. This Arthur Wagner, 48, did to highlight the “moral decline” of the modern Protestant Church of which he was a pastor. (bold added by author)

While this may sound like a very progressive and bold move to make, one that may awaken the dormant historic Christian faith, Islam denies the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, this move only emboldens those who are persecuting the Christians who are being authentic, kind, and honest.

This misguided move was done by a man who Yahoo calls a “far right” leader due to “the church’s acceptance of same-sex marriage and the presence of priests at gay pride marches.” While some Christians have a huge problem with this movement within the church, they have not started praying Eastward or chanting to Allah in response to it.

One of the reasons (for the conversion) is tied to changes that have taken place in the church, which no longer reflects my values,” he declared. That said, one of the only things that modern Islam has in common with the God who he claimed to serve is a distaste for the act of homosexuality.

Some facets of Islam actually kill Christians for their belief that there is one God revealed in three parts. How is this move, then, helping his cause?

Wagner goes on to explain his stance by saying that he made this move to protest the churches outlook “with regard to the AfD, its support for marriage for all and the participation of pastors at Christopher Street Day (an LGBT gathering in public), where there are children. It’s unacceptable!

When Wagner quit the AdF leadership role, he announced that he had made the conversion in October. That means that he was running the group for a time while being a Muslim, which makes no sense whatsoever.

Kai Berger, a “colleague” of Wagner’s former party said that he is “very disappointed. Many members are waiting for him to quit the party. Unfortunately, our statutes do not allow us to kick him out,”

Threats have come to the recent convert. “Someone told me I should leave Germany before I start making bombs,” Wagner admits.

The fact of the matter is that this Germany party is made up of those who deny the number of dead in the holocaust, all while missing the point that certainly, countless lives were lost. Why were they lost? They were lost, in part, because the basic rights which we are all born with were not honored.

For Adolph Hitler, a rather godless man, this is understandable. He was evil and hardly did anything to deny it, and such evil will always be with us, unfortunately.

However, when a supposed man of God cannot see that aligning himself to such arguments as to how many Jews were killed only makes him part of the problem, this is very worrying. Wagner’s moves, if he really knew his Bible, would be to help the church (and promote peace by doing so), not deny it.

From here, it only remains to be seen what the average German is going to do about it. While not all Muslims are a danger, a large number of the ones in the E.U. are, and it does not require anyone to be a detestable racist to see it. It is flaunted by many of those who feel this way.

One thing is for sure, changing religion is not going to solve anything.

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