School’s Kavanaugh Message

PUBLISHED: 8:47 PM 10 Oct 2018

Anti-Kavanaugh Message Proves School District’s ‘Fake News’ Tweet False

The district was quick to claim ‘fake news,’ but multiple parents reported footage of the profane message.

Despite Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh having been appointed, leftist protesters continue to act out, recenly at a North Carolina middle school.

‘Fake news’ is arguably one of left’s favorite tools: they can spread their own falsified claims yet when faced with a conservative viewpoint they do not agree with, they are often to quick to call it ‘fake.’

This was the case in North Carolina where a school message board briefly sponsored the message ‘F**k Kavanaugh.’ Despite the school district insisting that it was a false claim, several locals were able to capture a photo of the vulgar sign, causing it to go viral. Even more disturbing, it was done at a middle school were children could have seen it.

The distasteful message appeared at South Charlotte Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina sometime over the weekend.

Among the first to take note of it was a local resident, Tracy Lundell, who photographed the defaced sign on Monday and sent it to a ‘conservative blogger,’ A.P. Dillon.

Dillon then posted the picture to Twitter, demanding if the district, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, was aware of the vandalism present on one of its campuses.

Shortly after, the district responded to the tweet with a picture of the now-blank message board and the caption “fake news.”

Yet it was not such, as seen by the uproar of other concerned parents and locals who also took note of and photographed the sign in its offensive state.

The district claimed that on Monday, a “staffer drove to the school” and saw no violation. Yet it was later revealed that it was present on Sunday but was not until Tuesday that it admitted that the sign has been violated.

“We thought it had been fake. It turns out it was real,” said district spokesman Tracy Russ.

Lundell responded, expressing that it was “Not fake and pretty pathetic that anyone would say it was! One would think the Chief Communications Officer at CMS would know how to check facts before labeling it fake news.”

Russ later expressed that the message board was supposed to have displayed a different, and actually informative, message and that the sign “should have been locked.”

The school reported that the sign was taken down ‘pretty quickly’ and that staff has reviewed security cameras in attempting to identify who may be responsible for the vulgar message against a now-Supreme Court Justice.

However, it claimed to have no leads and reported the issue to local law enforcement.

Yet locals, including Dillon, explained that it was inappropriate for the district to dismiss the incident as ‘fake news,’ calling it “perhaps a bit too hasty.”

One would think that a district or school concerned with its reputation would immediately investigate the situation if it reflected poorly on them. Yet the Twitter post indicated that it was likely more concerned with quashing the rumor before it spread, especially considering that the sign was taken down before the post went up.

Unfortunately, the damage was already done, and the sign has since gone viral.

Those who saw the sign firsthand explained their frustration in not being believed for it, with Lundell sarcastically writing to the district’s response, “I guess my son, brother in law, and I were hallucinating yesterday morning around 10 a.m. then?”

Yet Dillon further expressed that locals, specifically “parents of children at that school, would like to know how the sign was vandalized in the first place.”

Another resident who saw the sign, Twitter user @Brendan1963, posted that when he saw it, “the glass panel was obviously open for anyone to edit the letters.”

Depending on the length of the message that was previously displayed, it is possible that the letters were rearranged, especially considering that the ‘V’ in Kavanaugh was represented by an upside-down ‘A.’

The fact that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and South Charlotte Middle School were so swift to erase the message and then deny that it ever existed has caused other news readers and social media users to wonder if it was an inside job, either in purposely leaving the outdoor display unlocked or with teachers or administrators posting it themselves.

Others have suggested that perhaps the sign was momentarily tampered with and then put back.

In any case, it is safe to say that this was yet another case of the intolerant left expressing rage upon not getting their way, most recently upon Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh being appointed.

Try as they did to slander his reputation, Kavanaugh still gained the necessary votes.

Yet losing an election or any other political decision is where the liberal tantrum often begins, as seen in the defaced sign conveniently put up the day after Kavanaugh was confirmed.

While it is despicable for a political party to react in such a way, especially in displaying the nasty sign where children could see it, it is, admittedly, not surprising on behalf of the left.

In the halls of the U.S. Supreme Court itself, liberals literately ‘clawed’ at the doors in protest.

These acts are primarily being doing by grown adults, frighteningly old enough to vote but still displaying child-like behavior.

Thankfully, at least in North Carolina, the most recent occurrence of such will not be dismissed as ‘fake,’ conservative news.