NFL Protests

PUBLISHED: 1:07 AM 11 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 5:41 PM 11 Aug 2018

Anthem Protests Begin Again As Preseason Heats Up

The Seattle coach said that the teams will let the players decide.

The NFL may wind up paying the same price as last year if the national anthem disrespect continues. So far, it has.

When a Florida restaurant, “Beef O’Brady’s,” cut the cord on the NFL package this season and passed the savings off to vets, a lot of readers wondered if the National Football League had already solved the kneeling problem and if this action was even needed. As the Daily Mail wrote, the answer did not take long to arrive, as protests during the “Star Spangled Banner” occurred on Thursday.

It has been established that “15 players from five teams including the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, Seattle Seahawks, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Baltimore Ravens chose to make” some kind of foolish protest during the playing of the national anthem once again. Raised fish were seen and words like “I got beliefs” were heard, too. Will this disrespectful ever end?!

Perhaps it does not matter to them that their beliefs are arguably wrong, as the American Conservative has written.

All in all, a pair of “players knelt, three raised their fists, eight either walked from the field or stayed in the locker room, one placed his arm on a protesting teammate’s shoulder, and another stood with his back to the field as a statement against inequality.” Keep in mind, all of this mindlessness is done because some players have bought into the lie of ‘white privilege’ and other leftist myths. This is simply their tainted opinions posing as facts during a time when they are supposed to be at work.

After all, no one saw much protesting from these crybabies during the off-season, did they? Perhaps they were busy soaking up the sun, spending their millions, and complaining about oppression while sipping on $20 margarita. It is hard to say.

Two Seahawk players allegedly plan to conduct their doltish behavior all season. What really will hurt the league isn’t just that, but rather, Seattle’s coach, Pete Carroll, who said that “the team discussed the topic and decided to support individual decisions.”

As a man, I got certain beliefs,” said linebacker Telvin Smith. While that may be quite true, Adolph Hitler (who the left loves to bring up, so let’s go with it), The Unabomber, and even Bjork stalker Ricardo Lopez were men with beliefs, too. The trouble is, just like with Smith, those beliefs are also said to be flawed, biased, and based on fancy, not fact.

While some cops may be racist (a common claim given as a reason for the anthem’s jilting), some football players could be racist, too. That does not mean that the whole league is bigoted any more than a whole police department. These simple facts are lost on the protestors who are seeking their fifteen minutes of fame and are trying to look pious as they do it.

Smith, blind to these realities, added, “You know what I mean? This is not going to become a distraction, and Jacksonville’s not going to become a distraction for this team. I got beliefs. I did what I did. I don’t know if it’s going to be every week, can’t answer if it’s going to be every week. But as a man, I’ve got to stand for something. I love my team, I’m dedicated to my teammates, and that’s what we’re talking about. I did what I did. It was love. I hope people see it and respect it. I respect views.”

There seems to be a theory in the U.S. today that incorrect views should get as much attention as correct views. While everyone is free (when not at work) to hold and proclaim any view that they wish, there is no reason for folly to be embraced as fact.

Hopefully, for the NFL, they will clamp down on the unruly players, fine them, or simply throw them out of the league. If not, while their PC cred may be high, their viewership numbers will likely topple like a sacked quarterback.