PUBLISHED: 2:00 PM 5 Jan 2021
UPDATED: 8:54 PM 5 Jan 2021

“Answer Is Yes”: Paul Ryan, Mike Pence Have Conspired To Beat Trump 2020 Since 2016

This information is difficult to confirm, but is strangely in line with additional reports from recent days.

Pence has never thwarted Ryan. (Source: YouTube ABC News Screenshot)

Something strange surfaced today. Over the past few weeks, rumors about Mike Pence’s loyalty to the constitution and the United States have been questioned. His White House lawyer supposedly blocked Sidney Powell from getting access to President Trump, and the ‘letter’ he was given during George Bush’s funeral has drawn new interest.

Likewise, Paul Ryan’s strange desertion of the American people seems contrived.

Now, a new rumor has emerged that claims Mike Pence and Paul Ryan have been conspiring against President Trump since 2016.

Wood has confirmed that claim.

Incidentally…before we get started, here’s how they’re discounting this report and these emails…

However, many people point out that “Russian disinformation’ is a favorite claim of the deep state.

The Document states:

An email chain from one of the project managers of a website Pence-Ryan 2016campaign ticket that was called off after Trump won his second debate. Obtained

GOP Rules here, Rule 9 page 8


Here is the video report

The Sordid Story of Pence and Ryan

Did they Really call it off?

Why risk hijacking an election?

Sources (this link no longer exists) (this link says the page was created in 2018, but the archived version shows 2016.)  (this link is also gone)

archived emails Pence-Ryan website Site domain info for Pence Ryan Ticket 2016

Domain info archived in case it ever disappears from original source

As noted, most of the pages on the document no longer exist.