PUBLISHED: 8:34 PM 1 Jun 2016
UPDATED: 8:39 PM 1 Jun 2016

Another Shooting Just Happened in Obama’s “Safe Gun Zones” [VIDEO]

Another shooting has just occurred in “gun-free zone.” This means that guns are not allowed to be carried by law-abiding citizens within the area. The shooting just occurred on UCLA campus. Two people were just fatally shot down at the college in Southern California.

Police officials are currently withholding the names of the victims currently until their families have been properly notified and more information comes to light. Currently, police do not have many details on the story. However, they do believe that purposeful murder is at play here, along with the possibility of suicide.

Right now police and fire crew members are searching the campus for any additional shooting victims or active shooters who may still be looking to do harm. The campus is on lockdown as well to try to mitigate the possibility of anything else happening.

Everyone in the area is advised to stay indoors and safe.

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