McCabe Comey Fight

PUBLISHED: 5:19 PM 19 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 8:03 PM 19 Apr 2018

Andrew McCabe Releases Statement Claiming Comey Is Lying About Media Leaks

Fired Deputy FBI Director McCabe released a statement saying Comey knew about leaks to media, and outright lied.

McCabe accuses Comey of lying.

Fired Federal Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director Andrew McCabe said former FBI Director James Comey is lying about being unaware of authorizing media leaks, according to the Washington Examiner.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Michael Bromwich, the attorney representing McCabe, said Comey wasn’t telling the truth when he claimed he didn’t know McCabe was leaking information to the mainstream media. Of course, it seems like none of these players even know what ‘truth’ is.

“Comey has relied on the accuracy and the soundness of the Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) conclusions in their report on Mr. McCabe. In fact, the report fails to adequately address the evidence (including sworn testimony) and documents that prove that Mr. McCabe advised Director Comey repeatedly that he was working with the Wall Street Journal on the stories in question prior to publication,” Bromwich said.

The scathing statement from McCabe came in response to comments made by Comey on Wednesday morning during a segment on ABC’s “The View.” Comey admitted to the far-left panel that he personally ordered the internal probe that eventually led to McCabe’s firing.

“I still believe Andrew McCabe is a good person, but the inspector general found that he lied, and there are severe consequences in the Justice Department for lying as there should be throughout the government.”

Last week, the Department of Justice’s inspector general released his hotly anticipated report surrounding why McCabe was fired. The report explicitly stated that McCabe lied at least four times when asked about authorizing leaks to the media.

The report states McCabe lied once to Comey, once to FBI agents, and twice to DOJ investigators about authorizing high-level leaks about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s email server.

In October 2016, McCabe leaked information to The Wall Street Journal that sought to downplay FBI’s investigations into Clinton’s email scandal and the “pay-for-play” apparatus at the Clinton Foundation.

Here’s where it gets interesting: McCabe says Comey was aware of the leaks and never raised any issues at the time. Comey said on Wednesday that he never authorized the leaks. Someone is lying, and it appears that they are both on the verge of turning on one another.

But wait, it gets even better.

Comey testified in June 2017 before the Senate Intelligence Committee that he never leaked or authorized anyone else at the FBI to leak information about the Trump or the Clinton investigation.

Comey answered “never” and “no” to the questions.

If McCabe is telling the truth, that means Comey authorized and was aware of the leaks while he was leading the bureau. As such, it would mean that Comey lied under oath about the media leaks to help Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Lying to Congress is a felony.

On the other hand, if McCabe is lying, the penalty may be far less steep. McCabe is a private citizen. He lied to FBI and DOJ investigators, but his termination from the bureau was his punishment.

But most importantly, this further proves how McCabe and Comey — two of the highest ranked officials at the bureau — were engulfed in several scandals and are on record lying numerous times. These are also the two officials who opened the Russia investigation into President Donald Trump and helped water down allegations against Clinton during the election.

How can the American people trust that the Russia investigation was started in good faith? It would be reasonable to believe Comey and McCabe kicked off the Russia investigation because they were angry that Trump won the investigation.

They are nothing more than corrupt Clinton-allies, and perhaps one is on the verge of turning on the other as pressure continues to ramp up.