PUBLISHED: 8:53 PM 4 May 2017
UPDATED: 12:25 AM 5 May 2017

Ancient Plague Spreads Through Minnesota Community As Muslim Refugees Refuse Vaccine

**ADVANCE FOR MONDAY FEB. 7 AND THEREAFTER** In this photo made Nov. 30, 2010, young Muslim girls take part in prayers at the Minnesota Da'wah Center, a mosque and youth-oriented center that provides after school tutoring to Muslim students along with activities such as martial arts to help keep students off the streets and away from gangs. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

Somali refugees escaped their country only to expose their children to dangerous diseases here.

Minnesota has been one of the most open and welcoming states in the country for refugees to settle. Since March they have been finding out the true cost of that fateful decision. A measles outbreak is spreading rapidly and the healthcare system there is feeling the strain.

In the last four days alone, 10 new cases have been reported bringing the total number infected to 32. This is the worst outbreak that one of the affected counties has seen since 2011; when unvaccinated Somalian children were the source as well.

The outbreak is caused by the Muslim religion and all that entails, there is no question about that. Somali refugees refuse to vaccinate and their religious leaders continue to encourage that behavior.

Dr. Majid Katme, the spokesman for the Islamic Medical Association in the UK wrote an article stating,

“The case against vaccinations is first an Islamic one. We are giving our innocent children haram [forbidden] substances and harmful chemicals that destroy their natural immune systems, causing disease, suffering and death.”

The only disease and suffering that is happening are due to the decision to not vaccinate their children. Measles has been virtually nonexistent in the United States since 1963 when the vaccine was developed. Khris Ehresmann, the infectious disease division director at the Minnesota Health Department told reporters, “Whenever you have an outbreak in unvaccinated kids, measles just has a field day.”

minnesota measles2

Making these children suffer is unnecessary. The vaccine is widely used and accepted–religion is all that is holding them back.

All of the cases in Minnesota involve children five-years-old and younger. Except for a few, they are also all Somali children who were not vaccinated. It is unexplainable. Somali refugees come here to supposedly escape destruction and death in their homeland. Why would they continue to inflict suffering on their children now that they are safe in America?

Refugees and immigrants put our country at risk in so many ways. Liberals have insisted that we respect their views and cave to their every demand. That danger has spread to our children and theirs and it is far past time that we put a stop to it.