PUBLISHED: 5:21 PM 9 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 5:27 PM 9 Jan 2018

“America’s Toughest Sheriff” Makes Huge Arizona Announcement

Sheriff Joe (pictured) is not giving up when it comes to helping President Trump with his much needed agenda.

Sheriff Joe (pictured) is not giving up when it comes to helping President Trump with his much-needed agenda.

Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a man who has stood on the right side of history when it comes to matters of migration. The Constitution has a purpose, and it is not for the left to cater to everyone who wants to sneak into the nation and plant themselves here. Certainly, some of Arpaio’s actions could draw fire from civil libertarians, but he did not deserve the treatment that he got from the left. Well, the man who the Democrats wrongly chastised and chased from office is far from done bringing order to the nation.

According to the Daily Caller, the former lawman is planning to “run for the Senate seat which will be vacated by Jeff Flake in 2018.” This would be a massive help to President Donald Trump and is a driving reason behind the decision. This is “America’s toughest sheriff” ready to take the next step in his already commanding career.

The Washington Examiner reminds us that Arpaio was pardoned by the White House last August after he was wrongly “convicted of disregarding a court order with respect to alleged racial profiling.” To the left, it is unwise to question Latinos and their legal status even though it is Latinos who are the ones most likely to be here illegally.

It must be remembered that U.S. citizens have a right against such governmental questioning, not those who are not citizens of the country.

I am outspoken. I’m looking forward to it. Let them come. They’ll have their political firing squads and bring tons of money here because they don’t want to lose,” said a feisty Sheriff Joe. “I just want to do everything I can to support our president.

It is quite refreshing to hear that kind of talk considering the good things that Trump has already accomplished. In a year, we have seen the TPP enter the presidential fireplace where it belongs, the border wall is being planned, the deportation of illegals are up, and the economy is humming along in ways that Obama (or Bush) could never have dreamed of.

At 85, the former lawman would be one of the oldest members to serve, but in this day and age, people are living longer than ever before. Also, considering the sad state of already serving members like California’s Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), age does not seem to be a factor, as the Conservative Daily Post has confirmed.

Trump stood by “America’s toughest sheriff” when the left attacked him for doing his job.

What does matter is that our border needs to be secured. Not only does it help our economy and our safety when we tighten our borders, it also diminishes the threat of terrorism.

Every nation in the world wants and demands to know who is entering their country and for how long. That is the kind of prudent knowledge that every country deserves to know, not the least being the U.S.A.

It is very good to see Sheriff Joe stepping up to make sure that this is more widely understood on Capitol Hill.

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