PUBLISHED: 6:16 PM 29 Dec 2016

America’s New Twisted Education System: Children Now Being Told They Can Pick For Themselves


Not just boys or girls

We expect a lot from our education system. Aside from parenting, teachers are one of the most influential people in a child’s life, especially in the younger years. Beginning at the age of 5, kids spend an average of 8 hours a day in school learning information to prepare them for life.

I remember when my child got to middle school and one day brought home a permission slip. I needed to sign it before he could take part in sex education classes.

The paper explained the basics of what they would be teaching, gave suggestions on how I might talk to my son about the class, and made me indicate multiple times that I understood what he would be participating in.

Besides this closely monitored class, my son was also forced to sit through me giving him “the talk.” On that day we huddled in his room, both trying to hide our embarrassment while we struggled to come to an understanding. All I wanted was a sign of comprehension and all he wanted was for me to stop talking and get out.

Those fulfilled his, and millions of children like him around the nation, basic needs when it came to learning about the differences between boys and girls and what happens when boys and girls get married.

Children are now being taught very different lessons about the birds and the bees. Schools have taken the liberty, with or without parental consent, of exposing our children to the basics of girls, boys, and…well…other?

The word transgender has become a part of our vocabulary and while at home, we may try to protect our children from an adult and for many, disturbing subject, schools are not using the same discretion. The topic can confuse many adults, why should we expect young children to embrace it?

Parents used to show concern when their little boys engaged in the very normal and age appropriate behavior of dressing up. Now they are being told that their boys, even as young as 2, may not be boys at all. Maybe your little David is actually Danielle or vice versa?

I consider myself fairly open minded. If an adult decides they are not the gender they desire, more power to them. It is nobody’s business if a sane adult wants to pursue becoming a different gender than they were born.

The problem arises when everyone is forced to accommodate these people. The general public is being subjected to gender neutral bathrooms, lessons in gender fluidity, and disturbingly, our children being told they can choose their gender.


Books to push the agenda

If you live in Washington for example, your children are being taught a new curriculum. According to the newly released Washington State health and physical education standards, “Children in kindergarten need to understand there are many ways to express gender.”

“Self-identity” is now a topic and gender has a new definition as a “social construct based on emotional, behavioral, and cultural characteristics attached to a person’s assigned biological sex.”

National studies suggest that, even with transgender “acceptance” sweeping the country, only about 1-in-2,400 adults switch their names from one sex to the other. So why are schools taking it upon themselves to implement the opposite ideas? The standards in Washington assume that a significant number of boys will see themselves as girls, and a significant number of girls will see themselves as boys, regardless of biology.

The liberal agenda is fully accepted in these schools as they embrace the political claim that the government, local community and people should accept children’s declarations that their biology and feelings of gender are disconnected, and also endorse each child’s personal sense of “gender identity.”

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) is at the head of developing this new curriculum. The organization is dedicated to creating a global movement that will “ensure that every member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.”

In Washington the curriculum distributed to parents lays out the progression of education for students:

Grade 1: “Explain that there are many ways to express gender.”

Grade 2: “Understand there is a range of gender roles and expression; Understand importance of treating others with respect regarding gender expression.

Grade 3: “Explain that gender roles can vary considerably; Understand importance of treating others with respect regarding gender identity.”

Grade 4: “Identify how friends and family can influence ideas regarding gender roles, identity, and expression; Define sexual orientation.

Grade 5: “Describe how media, society, and culture can influence ideas regarding gender roles, identity, and expression; Identify trusted adults to ask questions about gender identity and sexual orientation.”

Grade 6: “Understand the range of gender roles, identity, and expression across cultures.”


New curriculum for students

School districts in Charlotte, North Carolina are completely on board with GLSEN’s agenda. They, along with many others across the country are distributing “Gender Unicorns” that kids can color in to express their “gender identity.” These are an upgraded version of the previous “Genderbread Person” that was being used.


This wasn’t appropriate anymore

The group behind these “educational” coloring pages is known as Trans Student Educational Resources. In their version of reality, “Everyone has a gender identity, including you. For transgender people, their sex assigned at birth and their own internal sense of gender identity are not the same. Female, woman, and girl and male, man, and boy are also NOT necessarily linked to each other but are just six common gender identities.”

These groups are determined to force the new political correctness on each and every child, encouraging them to disregard what mom and dad say and choose their own gender. Some of their rhetoric includes:

  • “It is important we don’t simply use ‘sex’ because of the vagueness of the definition of sex and its place in transphobia.
  • “We wanted to create a gender graphic that shows how queer and trans people view gender instead of one straight, cisgender man.”
  • Pronouns that includes “she, he, they, and ze, zir, hir, hirs, zirs, hirself, and zirself.”
  • Definitions for “gender identity,” “gender expression/presentation,” “sex assigned at birth,” “sexually attracted to,” and “romantically attracted to.”

Parents, social workers, child psychologists, and doctors are among the outraged. “Our concern is with medical transition for children and youth,” say Youth Trans Critical Professionals on their website. “We feel that unnecessary surgeries and/or hormonal treatments which have not been proven safe in the long-term represent significant risks for young people. Policies that encourage — either directly or indirectly — such medical treatment for young people who may not be able to evaluate the risks and benefits are highly suspect, in our opinion.”


Who is making these decisions?

Yes, children are being given hormones and even surgeries to “correct” their gender. The transgender cult is using schools to actively recruit and make being transgender “trendy.” Children have access to hundreds or websites that will coach them on how to be trans. Parents often go along with their children desires in order to appear accepting. The potential for child abuse by unstable parents who want a different child are limitless.

Do you know what your child is being taught at school regarding this subject? Are the social media and websites they access on the computer encouraging this confusing mania? As parent’s we must make it our job to protect them from this new fad that is obviously gaining ground. Seek out information and take steps to ensure your child is not brainwashed by this liberal doctrine.