PUBLISHED: 6:51 PM 14 Jul 2017

American Eagle Outfitters Ditches U.S. Apparel For Traditional Islamic Wear In All-New Form

The American Store Isn't Supporting American Values Anymore

The American Store Isn't Supporting American Values Anymore

The American Store Isn’t Supporting American Values Anymore

If the Democrats had their way, every single Muslim refugee and illegal immigrant would be accepted to the United States. They wouldn’t care about the fact that these people refuse to assimilate in the country. As we have seen in places like Germany and Sweden, the copious amounts of refugees have been causing more problems than previously thought.

In certain areas, the refugees are forcing their religion and cultures on the natives. That is exactly what would have happened if Hillary Clinton and the other Democrats had won and gotten their way. The Islamic culture would be forced on American citizens. Even though they lost, some stores are following in their message and pushing other cultures.

American Eagle Outfitters, the popular store that sells American style clothing, has just thrown that aside with their newest design. With a new campaign going out, they presented a denim hijab that is aimed at women. Yes, this American store is now selling Islamic gear.

They Have Decided To Sell A Denim Hijab

They Have Decided To Sell A Denim Hijab

In their new ad, Muslim model Halima Aden was photographed, laughing and having a good time. She was wearing an army-green jacket and showing off the new hijab. This is part of the new multicultural campaign that the American company is trying to show off.

Liberals are all about trying to show that multiculturalism is the way to combat President Trump’s “America First” policy. However, this latest act proves that they really don’t know what the hijab means. The women in countries that force them to wear this are covered up, which some say is symbolic of how women are treated.

As of right now, the item is only available online. The description of the “dark indigo” denim item, being sold for $19.95, encourages people to be proud of ti. “Wear it your way. Make it as original as you are.”

This Is The New Item For Sale.

This Is The New Item For Sale.

As mentioned before, this is just the latest fashion company to try and incorporate Islamic styles of clothing. Months prior to this, the athletic company Nike had their own hijab released. Obviously the biggest difference was the fact that the company had their trademark logo printed on the Islamic post.

Their executives released a statement on the release. “The Nike Pro Hijab has been a year in the making, but its impetus can be traced much further back to Nike’s founding mission, to serve athletes, with the signature addendum: If you have a body, you’re an athlete.”

Liberals online were loving the release. A Twitter user by the name of Ruby Husain said, “American Eagle made a denim hijab and it’s honestly such a look, wow #respect.” It seems that they will approve and praise anything that doesn’t scream America.

Remember, this is the same group that was standing behind Colin Kaepernick when he was kneeling for the National Anthem. So they are in favor of anything that goes against anything that could be considered pride in the nation, including the American flag. They are also showing their drastic amounts of hypocrisy.

Islamic women are often considered second class citizens in the Middle East, and they are forced to wear burkas and hijabs to completely cover up. So it’s safe to say that some people wouldn’t want to see this because it reminds them of being essentially lower than dirt. But if they say something, liberals immediately claim they are “islamophobic.”

These are the same people that were so offended at the sight of the Confederate flag that they demanded it be taken down. There’s a stark difference between these though. Liberals love to say that the Confederate flag is a symbol of racism for its history, despite the fact it’s just a historical flag now. Meanwhile the hijab is used today to force women to cover up.

They're Going To Start Selling This.

They’re Going To Start Selling This.

So why are liberals so in favor of something that is being used TODAY to oppress women, yet demand something be taken down because of the history behind it? Once again, their hypocrisy knows no bounds. It should also be questioned if they would be this open about it if there was some other groups religious garments being sold like this.

No doubt they would be screaming about cultural appropriation. So it’s evident that the liberals are going to scream and denounce anything, unless it’s about promoting Muslim control.

While President Trump has done a tremendous job of bring the United States back to focusing on American citizens, it’s evident that the liberal ideology has gotten into other people. Even American companies like American Eagle Outfitters are submitting to Muslim garments. It’s only a matter of time before we’re all bowing our heads to Allah, unless Trump can reel these companies in.