Ambassador Warns U.N.

PUBLISHED: 3:56 PM 14 Mar 2018

Ambassador Warns Action Against Syria If U.N. Fails

The U.S has asked the U.N. to declare a ceasefire.

UN Ambassador Haley warns the nations of the world, incompetence will be met with action.

United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley declared that America is prepared to act against the Assad regime in Syria. Leaving over 1,100 dead since February 18, the Syrian civil war has experienced one of the bloodiest months in years.

Because of former President Obama’s policies and the destabilizing position of his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the entire situation has devolved into a disaster quickly becoming a human atrocity.

On Monday, Ambassador Haley called upon the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to commit to action in Syria. Demanding that a ceasefire is acknowledged in the ancient city of Damascus, Haley pleaded with the peacekeepers to end the slaughter.

Russia, who sits on the council, has helped prop the regime up after the 2011 Arab spring. Russia’s ally has failed to honor previous ceasefire resolutions in Damascus.

In a unanimous vote, a resolution was passed by the U.N. on February 24 which called for a 30-day ceasefire. Damascus claims the rebels are not protected under the United Nation’s ledger because of their ties to terrorism and largely ignored the ceasefire.

Shelling the eastern region of the Ghouta area, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad announced that he will continue targeting terrorist groups in an attempt to protect the people in the capital city. Using air and artillery to shell the suburb, many observers believe chemical gas was used against civilian targets.

Nikki Haley addressed the 14 other members of the Security Council over the concerns of war crimes. Haley suggested if other nations failed to act, the United States will solemnly pick up the banner.

Because the international community continues to ignore the decade-long war, America is prepared to intervene. Demonstrating the will and resources to operate in the region, the ambassador implies the United States will act outside U.N. conventions.

Last year, President Trump ordered a precision missile strike on an airbase alleged to house chemical weapons. The president was also able to broker a deal in the south of Syria creating a de-escalation zone.

The de-escalation zone has frequently been used as an example of progress with Moscow. Recently Syrian jets have attacked small countryside towns within the peaceful de-escalation zone.

State Department officials have expressed concern over the reports. Suggesting the aerial attack would breach established ceasefire agreements, the United States is setting up an emergency meeting in Jordan to help maintain the war free southwest region.

According to local authorities, people are sleeping in the streets while the government drops bombs on them. Eight years of war have reduced much of the large population centers to ruble and bomb shelters fill up too quickly to house many of the families living outside one of the world’s longest inhabited cities.

Reports indicate that at least 70 people have been buried in a community park because the shelling has made it too dangerous to approach the cemetery on the outskirts of Ghouta.

Video footage from a bomb shelter in the area of Douma in the metropolitan of Damascus has emerged. A man cowering in the corner relates to the photographer that 300 people are crammed in the studio bunker with only a single toilet.

The shelters have turned out to a double-edged sword for the civilians hiding in them. While they are protected from conventional bombs, they are susceptible to a cave in.

Military advances over the past week have shown success in dividing the rebel forces. Utilizing the technique of divide and conquer, more than half the rebel-held territory has begun to succumb to the military might of the government.

Working with Russia, the terror group Jaish al-Islam was able to evacuate wounded people from the area. The United Nations was not part of the evacuation agreements and still maintain that over 1,000 people need emergency medical attention in eastern Ghouta.

The war in Syria has now taken over half a million lives. President Trump and his administration refuse to make the mistakes of his predecessor.

While Obama talked about red lines and refused to act against the regime publicly, Obama helped Iran’s proxy militia Hezbollah barter weapons for drugs costing American lives. Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, destabilized Libya for the profit of her and her friends.

Selling stolen Libyan arsenal to radical jihadists in the Levant, the Honorable Clinton is responsible for the American Lives lost in Benghazi.